Thursday, February 25, 2010

A True Love Saga

A true love had comes from the two hearts those who loved each,Love is to build relationship between two person.We heard those who had love they were the big successors in their life but here love had killed one teen due to his partner bad relationship.

Kunal is 18 years old boy,he hails from a business family.kunal is very poor in his academics and later he joined  in BCA.In in the first day he met a girl in her college and keep in touch daily through gizmos.Kunal doest know he is a bad girl,one special occasions he used to buy gifts and flowers to impress the girl.At the final year two of them gone to outing and her partner had bought rollex watch and fast track glasses presented him on valentines day.Kunal best friend arjun saw him one day ,kunal told about her to arjun.Arjun asked him to give intro to your lover .mad boy kunal gave intro to arjun with her lover.crooked boy arjun played a mastergame with his wealth and rituals,Arjun took her love to cineama,rich hotels and though he tried to impress to love him.Suddenly kunal lover changed her mind and proposing arjun.Once kunal heard the matter asked her (thrisha) lover why are you hestitating me and whats the reason to neglect me and are you a bad girl as though he shouted in bad words.thrisha walked firmly as though he no anything.Kunal was very disturbed and he came to his home ,thinking about his true love, and his true love is one of the fake and later he commited sucide.A true love comes to an end .Those who had true love in their life they are the biggest successors and failures


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