Friday, September 4, 2009

Los Angeles Zoo is a biggest zoological park in the world

Everyone likes to visit zoological park to visit favorite animals and evergreen peaceful place.Los angeles zoo is one of the biggest zoological park ever i have seen before.This 113-acre compound exhibits more than 1,200 animals they live comfortably in environments that resemble their natural habitats. Many newborn creatures can be seen in the Animal Nursery. Over 78 endangered species are nurtured and preserved here.

This zoo is a total dump. The animals look depressed and have absolutely no enrichment items to keep them happy. Although the chimpanzee enclosure was top notch, not so much for the rest of the animals.Zoo's are always awesome. The animals are awesome.

the only negative thing i have to say is that every time i go the animals are sleeping but they look cute sleeping but you know i wanna see some actions hahaa.

The new gorilla habitat is incredible, spacious and lush, and the young gorilla is a hoot to watch. We basically had fun, and would return. The Gorillas were awesome, as were the giraffes, and Chimps

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  1. The Los Angeles Zoo is a sprawling sanctuary, home to an impressive array of wildlife. What Best Controller Its vast expanse and diverse collection of species make it a prominent player on the global zoo stage.



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