Thursday, February 26, 2009

CRUSH ON U...............................

When I look on you a moment,
then I can speak no more,
but my tongue falls silent,
and at once a delicate flame
courses beneath my skin,
and with my eyes I see nothing,
and my ears hum, and a wet sweat
bathes me and a trembling seizes me all over.

If you do not love me I shall not be loved
If i do not love you I shall not love you.

I took one look at you
That's all I meant to do
And my heart stood still.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Stunning music of this movie has been NOMINATED FOR THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD - for best music score for our maestro AR Rahman. All tributes to the beautiful composer, a nice movie too. We're proud of your Music , your music is been our Heart beat.

I happened to see ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ this morning and can certainly say that it is one of the better movies that I have seen

And to say that I am a movie fanatic and have seen a lot of them. But this one is truly fantastic and doesn't shy away from tough subjects that children and citizens of Mumbai (Bombay) are subjected to. A true work of art and hats off to Dan Boyle and his team for making something worth seeing. Finally, something different from the Victorian period (we have had enough of them – we seem to be stuck in early 1900 when it comes to directing English movies in and about India)

(just copy the link below, paste it in your URL bar and press enter :)

Hai i have provided the slum dog millionare movie click the below link for the movie which has nice sound quality and good print.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Losing a friend

Everyone leaves footprints in your memory, but the ones that leave footprints in your heart are the ones you will truly remember.

Though friendship is not quick to burn, it is explosive stuff.

There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself
an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly.

We always thought we'd look back on our tears and laugh,
but we never thought we'd look back on our laughter and cry.

Friends are forever, you might lose them but you'll never forget them.

I have learned that no matter how good a friend is,
they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

Do you know what it feels like to be left behind?
losing everyone around you in such little time.
I try not to worry since they're left in the past
but it's hard going through life knowing nothing ever lasts.

The ones who are bound to be your best friends must lose your trust just once to prove that they can win it back.

A friendship is like sand in your hand:
if held loosely in the palm of your hand, it stays there,
but as soon as you close your hand tightly, it slips through your fingers.

The pain of losing friend will never go away.
I'm tired of feeling like this everyday.

I feel like I no longer belong.
I fake my happiness to show nothing's wrong.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lost Love

I loved you more than I have ever known
Those starry eyes
Those tender lips
You made my heart melt
Then boil into a roaring fire
I now know
What my eyes could not see
You are the only one that is for me
Many nights those tears flew
Being myself without anyone
Anyone to care about the thoughts
Looking at the sky and knowing
Many mistakes I had
Many mistakes I have had

The healing heart

Shattered heart forced to heal
as greatness unveils thine soul.
Hope whispered in the distance,
to recover thine lost love.

'Tis night brings tender passing,
healing thine soul with glorious blunder.
Caus' not one or two,
but dissipated nights of dreams.

Sadness comes to end,
happiness conquered hate.
Love sprouting -- sadness shrinking,
hope has come again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is one of the most touching things I had ever come across. I was waiting to post tis. Found it to be done now.....LOVE NEVER FAILS....
This really touched me.....My hands are not able to use smilies to make this beautiful thing bad...

After reading this short story, can somebody come up with something
better than coining this story to 'true love'? Or am I not giving enough
justice by even thinking of comparing this beautiful story with true love.

It had been a year since Susan, 34, became blind. Due to a medical
misdiagnosis she had been rendered sightless, and she was suddenly
thrown into a world of darkness, anger, frustration and self-pity. And all
she had to cling to was her husband, Mark . . (Read the story).
Mark was an Army officer and he loved Susan with all his heart. When
she first lost her sight, he watched her sink into despair and was
determined to help his wife gain the strength and confidence she needed to
become independent again.

Finally, Susan felt ready to return to her job, but how would she
get there? She used to take the bus, but was now too frightened to get
around the city by herself. Mark volunteered to drive her to work each day,
even though they worked at opposite ends of the city. At first, this
comforted Susan, and fulfilled Mark's need to protect his sightless wife who
was so insecure about performing the slightest task. Soon, however, Mark
realized the arrangement wasn't working. Susan is going to have to start
taking the bus again, he admitted to himself. But she was still so fragile,
so angry how would she react?

Just as he predicted, Susan was horrified at the idea of taking the
bus again. "I'm blind!", she responded bitterly. "How am I supposed to
know where I am going? I feel like you're abandoning me." Mark's heart
broke to hear these words, but he knew what had to be done.
He promised Susan that each morning and evening he would ride the
bus with her, for as long as it took, until she got the hang of it.

And that is exactly what happened. For two solid weeks, Mark,
military uniform and all, accompanied Susan to and from work each day. He
taught her how to rely on her other senses, specifically her hearing, to
determine where she was and how to adapt to her new environment. He helped
her befriend the bus drivers who could watch out for her, and save her a

Finally, Susan decided that she was ready to try the trip on her
own. Monday morning arrived, and before she left, she threw her arms
around Mark, her temporary bus-riding companion, her husband, and her best
friend.Her eyes filled with tears of gratitude for his loyalty, his
patience,and his love.She said good-bye, and for the first time, they went
their separate ways.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... Each day on her
own went perfectly,and Susan had never felt better. She was doing it! She
was going to work all by herself.On Friday morning, Susan took the bus to
work as usual. As she was paying the fare to exit the bus, the driver said,
"Boy, I sure do envy you."Susan wasn't sure if the driver was speaking to
her or not. After all, who on earth would ever envy a blind woman who had
struggled just to find thecourage to live for the past year? Curious, she
asked the driver,"Why do you say that you envy me?"
The driver responded, "It must feel good to be taken care of and
protected like you are." Susan had no idea what the driver was talking
about,and again asked, "What do you mean?"
The driver answered, "You know, every morning for the past week, a
fine looking gentleman in a military uniform has been standing across the
corner watching you as you get off the bus. He makes sure you cross the
street safely and he watches until you enter your office building.
Then he blows you a kiss, gives you a little salute and walks away. You are
one lucky lady."

Tears of happiness poured down Susan's cheeks. For although she
couldn't physically see him, she had always felt Mark's presence. She was
lucky so lucky, for he had given her a gift more powerful than sight, a gift
she didn't need to see to believe - the gift of love that can bring light
where there is darkness.

Friday, February 6, 2009

my true love story..........[ it has no end]

As usual everyone like im also joined in the engg college.In the first day of the college aug 29th 06 , in that day they seprated the class in two sections a and b. i was put in to the class 'a' sec, i feel very drowsy and feel akward . when i entered in to the class every place was occupied by the friends and the only place is left over the first bench in the same side i also had a eyesight problem, first bench is very convinient for me to take the notes . In the second section lecture is going on , i feel bored at the moment just for time pass i was seeing the window and suddenly i was seen to right, that day i will never forget . i was seen a very beautifull homely girl,there is no words to say at all about the girl. i was seeing for a minute is face she also smiled . i didnt get any chance to meet my dream girl.she was staying in hostel there is no way to meet the girl. in the 2nd year i had send a birthday e-card to his email id . i exposed my love in that e-card on 26-3-07. i think we are made for each other my birthday is 24.03.88 and my dream girl b'day is 26th 03 .88. its just like a ajith movie [kadhal kottai]. 41\2 year goes on i didnt get any reply from my dream girl. only 2 months is there , after 2months i cant see that girl . she will move away from me. another crucial thing in my life is placement. my dream girl placed in tcs in the same company i had gone for interview,its my bad luck i lost the job and my dream girl too. from now too i was sincerly loving my dream girl. if my love is true ones defnitely i will meet in the same company and i will came over his life too. i wont loose my temper

i will get it

i will compose a song for this situation

Uyirai Tolaithen unnillll
Uyirai tholaithen
Uyirai tholaithen athe unnil thaano..
Ithe naan kaanum kanavo nijamo..
Miindum unnai kaananum maname..
Vendum eneke maname maname...

Viliyil vilunthaal... aaa...
Ennil enathal naane illai...
Ennam muluthum nithane en kanne...
Uyirai tholaithen athe unnil thaano...
ithe naan kaanum kanavo nijamo..


Anbe uyirai thoduven unnai...
Thalathuthe parvaikal x2...

Unai serum naalai thinam enginene...
Naan ingu thaniyaga aluthen....
Vidiyum varai kanavin nilai unathai
Ingge thinam enguthe..
Manam urugidum nilai ethe yenthan
Muthal muthal varum uyir kathalil..

Uyirai tholaithen unnil naano..
Ithe naan kaanum kanavo nijamo..
Miindum unnai kaananum maname..
Vendum eneke maname maname...
Ennil enathal naane illai...
Ennam muluthum nithane en kanne..

Ninaithal inikum ilamai nathiye..
Unnodu naan mulkinen x2



In the cricket everyone has certain followers, in my cricket life my follower is gautham gambhir. i was very impressed in his beautifull cover drive . Gautam Gambhir's attacking strokeplay at the top of the order for Delhi set tongues wagging as long back as 2000, but it took him almost seven years to polish his technique and cement his place in the Indian team in all forms of the game. His short stature and diminutive build belie the power he packs in his off-side shots. Domestic bowlers were at the receiving end of his strokeplay early, as Gambhir creamed six hundreds and averaged 66.78 in his first four Ranji Trophy seasons. A place in the Indian one-day team followed, but that was to be the start of a four-year period where Gambhir was only intermittently a part of the Indian side. Along with his shot-making ability came a tendency to drive loosely at deliveries outside off, and a habit of falling over to the off side when playing to leg. Both these flaws were ruthlessly exploited by Australia's bowlers in Gambhir's Test debut in Mumbai in 2004, and runs against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe failed to convince critics as Gambhir spent most of 2005 and 2006 in the outer. That, though, gave Gambhir the opportunity to work on his flaws and hone his technique. When changes were called for in the wake of a disastrous 2007 World Cup, Gambhir foundhimself back in favour in the shorter versions

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

SO, WHAT IS CYBERLOVE?????????????????

Thanks to the late 20th century technology the Danish Maria and Martijn of Holland met on a chatline. For months they've talked and sent letters to each other with the help of their computers as they found themselves falling head over heels in love. It was then they've decided to meet in the real, not only the virtual, world. It was not easy to arrange as the young man and his lady were separated by 700 very real kilometers, but the date was a success and Maria and Martijn have been living together happily ever since. They've created a home page to let the world know how they've found happiness via the Internet and introduce couples who've met under similar circumstances.

MsGreenFields had hoped for a similar romance when she met her love on the internet. They've arranged to meet. The lonely young woman felt she'd finally found the man with whom she can live with in harmony and realize her dreams. Their personalities and interests were so similar and even their goals seemed to match well. She was not disappointed in his physical appearance either - the man was elegantly dressed, and the romantic champagne dinner, dance and the man's compliments and attention toward her during the evening all served to fuel her feelings of happy expectation. What could have been the happiest of nights turned into a nightmare when they got to her apartment. The man she just spent a wonderful evening with turned into Mr. Hyde and brutally raped her and disappeared. She didn't even have the opportunity to report the incident to the police. What could she have said about the man she knew only as StandByMe through electronic contact and who supposedly, just arrived from Las Vegas. More than likely, StandByMe continues to prowl cyberspace looking for new victims probably under a new nickname and, of course, unpunished.

These two stories are merely two samples of the many experiences you may find on different web sites that feature the topic cyberlove.

Throughout history men and women had used a variety of means to find each other. Internet romance according to some is a bizarre method, and others it is a 'natural' for the 90's, to meet potential mates. Reading enough pages of people's experiences one could consider a decent length novel, has formed an interesting picture in me of internet romance.

Romances formed on the internet follow a characteristic script. The development of emotional intimacy is a long process, sometimes taking several months. "Love at first byte" is rare although there are examples (Steven J. Baumrucher wrote a book by that title recounting his own experiences details of which may be read on the net). The initial light exchanges, whether by e-mail or in chat rooms, are generally followed by increasingly self revealing topics, where after a while the two strangers perceive each other as a true friend. Hearts open and an avalanche of e-mail crosses cyberspace carrying literary quality, electric messages are even enhanced with verses, virtual gifts (flowers, kisses, animated pictures). Could any heart with romantic inclinations resist? When you reach for the mouse with sweaty palms and butterflies in the stomach to look in the in-box for new mail - there's just no way to escape the fact - love has arrived.

In more fortunate cases the couple exchanged digitalized photos of themselves through the course of correspondence. This helps to ease the jolt of the initial meeting - which is a critical moment in every cyber love story. It is easy to understand if you realize what hopes and ideals our hero nursed up to that moment. (This reminds me of my colleague who showed up to meet his blind date - through a newspaper ad. He stood on the corner as agreed with a bouquet of roses when the girl approached. Poor Bela could not have slipped away unnoticed, but had a quick escape by saying - 'hello, unfortunately my friend could not come, but he wanted you to have these flowers.) Mr. Romeo must have felt far worse when after corresponding with his e-mail love for the past six months stepped off the plane to find out that she is not really a she, but a transvestite. That was the one minor detail his 'sweetheart' neglected to mention.

Whether in real life or in cyber space, there is real pain and disappointment that accompanies love or what was presumed as love. Many chose anonymity of meeting electronically thinking the distance provides a cushioning from the usual pains of a relationship. This is not true. Those who don't observe the rules of caution can suffer real and long healing scars. If we want to protect ourselves from the possible traps it would be useful to visit the website, where we can find many good advice and useful tips on 'how' and 'how not' to meet or flirt on the net. The web page contains real stories giving an opportunity to learn from the mistake of others and have a better chance to recognize the suspicious characters lurking in cyberspace.

Don't think the only danger to your emotions is the lies your partner may tell. Sometimes it may be what we do to delude ourselves that bring negative consequences. While these internet relationships are real enough the invisibility of the partner must be countered somehow and this results in generous doses of fantasizing for some people. There are those who easily lend themselves to daydreaming and loose their sense of reality. These people are prone to adorn their loved one with characteristics and appearance of a hero from a novel. It is difficult to escape from this dream back into reality unharmed. After the first kiss the prince turns into a frog and the story comes to an unexpected conclusion.

How does a cyber romance vary from a real life romance? Perhaps one significant difference is that communication plays such a large part. Words that convey feelings have enormous effect. While before a real date we fix our hair and our clothes, on the internet we polish our intellect, imagination and personality. In essence the sequence is reversed - first we show our inner beauty and only after it had won victory does the veil fall off the physical vehicle of that personality at the time of that first meeting in person.

It is a popular topic in cyberspace to debate whether or not true love can develop merely on an intellectual level, that is without the physical attraction, the familiarity of the other's appearance? To put it another way: is the physical appearance of the man or woman play a part in the relationship if through the exchange of thoughts and feelings they already fell in love?

Many say it is against the nature of love to be deprived of the sense of sight, the look, the movement, the body language being present. There are those, of course, who favor internet relationships claiming that the intensity of the emotional relationship that develops in such a way is superior to the mere stirring of the flesh.

Whatever the opinion may be on cyberlove - it must be said in favor of the internet that it puts people in touch with people that otherwise would never have met. I never would have suspected that the first person I met by e-mail would be a German chimney sweep to whom after a year of correspondence, although no emotional, but a common interest still binds.

There are examples where a real life relationship is damaged because one party gets entangled in a virtual romance that may turn serious. I remember a local newspaper carrying a story of a mother of three, who left her husband and children to live with a man who webbed her heart through cyberspace. Her story is not singular by any means. Ann Landers established a club for men and women who perceive the net as the demon that destroyed their marriage or lost their partner because they discovered Mr. or Ms. Right on the web. These letters and Ann Landers' responses may be found online at the Chicago Tribune web site.

It is silly to perceive the net as a demon, when we determine how we meet its challenges. While there are those who can use the net to their advantage extracting useful information, there are those who become addicts losing common sense, hopping from chat room to chat room, writing piles of e-mails full of lies to chosen victims and the virtual reality, the flirtations become a part of their everyday lives as some disease. One thing is true - the net is very addictive. According to the confession of a multiple substance addict, it was easier to give up cocaine than the IRC.

If, despite all we've said, there are those who still chose the internet as the means to find a partner, they can try the numerous IRC channels, Java chat rooms, the ICQ, online matching service, correspondence groups or in a variety of mailing lists and newsgroups (alt.romance, alt.soulmates) or place their graphically constructed personal home page on-line through which one may convey to the world any information desired. There are many available choices, one need only live with the opportunity.

In any case - be cautious that you don't end up like Mr. Romeo. Keep your eyes open off-line as well - turn off the machine and go to a dance or a club, because most women still expect to be courted in a real, old fashioned, romantic way.


Your essence, your being,
Just takes me away...
Back to a time way back.

Back when charming princes
In shining armor, on white horses,
Flourished, their swords,
Making the princesses swoon.

You do that to me,
Make me laugh, and fret,
And swoon, on occasion.

But without a sword,
Or a great white horse,
Or armor,
You are still a prince.

And my prince,
Whom I'd swoon over,
Any day.

FEELINGS OF LOVE........................................................

I didn't know I could love
anyone as much as I love you
for the sound of your voice,
makes all my dreams come true.

You walk into a room, and
I know you have arrived;
my heart skips a beat when
you walk up to my side.

I hope this kind of magic stays
forever between us two,
and the whole wide world will
know that God sent me you.


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