Saturday, January 30, 2010

Google Phone

Google Phone is now very popular with various attractive features and accesories.Google is ready with its mobile device likely to be called as nexus one.After iphone every one was highly anticipated for google nexus,google phone is a GSM device sold unlocked.Google will not follow same pricing as apple.5mp camera is placed in google phone for zoom the pictures and web pages.We are not sure about the price at this time. However, if there’s Snapdragon,AMOLED touch screen, graphics processor and around 8-16 GB memory, the pricing of Google Nexus One could be around 600-750USD. So that's approximately 30K-33K in India.No multitouch is there in google phone.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best Messenger To keep In Touch With Friends

Gtalk is one of the best messenger i ever seen,it has various attractive features like voice chat,video chat and for text messages chat directly on online.In Gtalk send files option is the best features to share your photos and word files immediately.When compare to Gtalk with other messangers they are bandwith greedy,use large amount of bandwith for sending a text or photo.Video is one of the enlighted feature for those who are working across the sea from their country they can chat with their family using good pure crystal picture quality with voice.In Gtalk there should be no noise when communicating with headphones.It is one of the flexible messanger foe everyone reliable,flexible and free communicating medium.I say thanks to google for giving the wonderfull messanger to all.

Leeds Accountants

If you are looking for a good team in accountants this is the best place to get the suggestions and effective solutions to help their business move forward.In addition the team in Leeds Accountants have the depth of expertise to provide successful individuals and growing businesses with an unrivalled level of technical advice through specialist Tax Accountants, VAT Accountants and Corporate Finance Partners, and via other specialist services including online outsourcing.Tax planning is about selecting the most effective route to achieve both business and personal objectives, we look to make this possible through regular meetings with our clients.Whether you are a large company, small business or private individual, we have a broad range of services to suit your needs. From corporate finance solutions to tax, accountancy and business advice, we have the market understanding and expertise you need to make a difference to your business.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Biggest Birds Sanctuary In The World

Vedanthangal is one of the biggest bird sanctuary in the world.In the birds sanctuary we can see different varieties of birds came from various country and different locations.Birds were gather during winter season,for breeding.Cormorants, herons, storks, pelicans, grebes are the mostly frequently visited birds everywhere in vedanthangal.It is located in kanchipuram district of tamilnadu,bird watchers and omithologist are most popular bird in the sanctuary.It is not a jungle where every bird can live in a hut,it is one of the oldest bird sanctuary in india.Millions of birds gather around their for breeding,and to enjoy their vacation with beautiful climate.

Birds like Commorants, Egrets, Grey Heron, Open-billed Stork, Darter, Spoonbill, White Ibris, Night Herons, Grebes. Around 30000 birds come every season even though the area is just 30 ha It then attracts multitudes of herons, egrets, storks, ibises and spoon bills. If the monsoon is heavy, these trees can be partially submerged. Mammals seen here are Jackal, Jungle Cat, Wild Boar, Black-naped Hare. Some of the other commonly seen waterfowl are the white ibis, night heron, darter, pond heron and ducks like Comb duck, pintails, common teals, dabchick, shoveller,black-winged stilt, little stilt, red shank, sand piper, ringed plover, curlew etc., and arboreal birds like parakeets, babblers, mynas, barbets, bee-eater, rollers, cuckoos onoles, drongos etc., and raptors such as blck winged kite, Brahminy kite, short-toed eagle, pariah kite etc., are seen in Vedanthangal .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

IPL to broadcast live on utube

Indian premier league Twenty 20 cricket now broadcasting on utube. Now you can watch cricket on utube without any delay and even if you are in the busy schedule,watch the match at any timings if you have a fastest internet connection.The move will see the IPL become the first sporting event to broadcast live on the internet in every country on a dedicated YouTube channel.IPL team had signed an aggrement with google for two years to broadcast the twenty 20 watch on utube.Most australia matches were conducted during midnights as per the indian timings many cannot watch the match during night times.If you have a internet connection you can watch the match in utube.But the IPL is moving beyond the normal television route and this latest announcement is the first in a string of moves which its organisers hope will help realise their dream of becoming a global brand.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Replica Watches

Replica watches, these watches are usually mistaken for fake watches. The basic difference is the quality of the material used in the manufacture of the watches. A fake watch badly imitates the original badly but also has very crappy quality. Fake watches do not spell the brand name with the same letters. There are either interchanged or similar sounding letters or used. For example Rolex will be pronounced with Rolxe. Fake watches are not only a waste of money but also give no moral value to the purchasing individual. Fake watches are not a competition to the Replica watches rather brings down the name of the Replica’s.

Replica watches are watches made from good quality material. These watches are meant for enthusiast who cannot afford the expensive original to add it their collection. A Replica watch imitates all the function of the original watch. The external look is the most important parameter in replicas. The first people notice is that the difference in the looks of the replicas. There are companies which make replicas which are more preferred than the original. Replicas make a good deal in terms of money for the watch collectors. Also the replica watches which are available online have a customizable strap which is not a case with original. This is one of the tempting factors for one to buy a replica watch.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine Gifts

One of my friends fell in love with a girl on first day of this year. He is cracking his head upon what to buy for a gift. One of other friend whose name sounds like end of the days but is not, gave these following suggestions and explained them in an order. valentine gifts to your loved one on this valentines day on feb 14th.First suggestion is common; if you guessed it you are right. flowers , an expression with life. Red roses, single or a bunch of roses tied together with note on it saying “baby I love you and I just can’t hide”. The above said always works if she hasn’t listened to any of the Enrique songs.
 The next suggestion was a bit tricky, perfume. This can convey a lot of message depending on your choice. To be on the safer side you buy her favorite perfume or you buy her a perfume which she would like for which your intuitive senses has to be on top notch performance. If you get it right you are getting lucky, else you can convey a message that you weren’t even aware of like, ‘you smell too much you should try this one, it just keeps the stink away’.
The last suggestion was not a single suggestion but a lot of suggestion put together. His last suggestion was to buy a personalized item. It was the single most useful idea that he had given in all these times. The personalized item may a CD of favorite song on it, a mug which says ‘I love you’. If she is corporate girl you can gift her an paperweight which has little heart inside which ‘to my love’ with your customized sign on it. If you have little more money you can gift her a heart shaped silver dollar, if you are rich enough get her a little diamond necklace which has a pendant which has little heart inside it ‘Love you forever’.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautiful Beach Resorts

“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”

I don’t remember the author of the above quoted lines but I have read them when I was young. I thought the poem was thoughtless. It was in my 5th or 6th grade I’m not sure, I just had lot of time to spend just finish my homework I’m good to go. I thought it would stay like that, my first misconception about life. Now, it’s totally different. Work monster have taken away all the fun away from the social life. Everything that you do except for a few is now from your motor memory. Life becomes a routine. A fact about routine is you life goes into a rut, the very first syllable of routine.

Everyone needs someone or something else to get your life out of this rut. Some of things which would put you out of this mundane cycle are painting, trekking, creative writing usually an outdoor activity. Psychologist state that, a overworked mind will perform less than half of its original potential. A change of atmosphere or change of place would to trick of dialing down your mind to calmer tones. This is usually needed for the corporate guys. These workaholics are advised to take vacation to Myrtle Beach Resort or a hill station. These Myrtle Beach Resorts are having Myrtle Beach Accomodations which are too good. Myrtle Beach Accommodations are good to watch the sunrise and sunset and unwind at your own pace.

The Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort provides the perfect balance of resort accommodations and business-friendly amenities, ideal for all types of travelers. Resort activities include golf, tennis, fitness center, indoor/outdoor pools and the Hibiscus Spa. The Marriott Myrtle Beach top attractions are Broadway at the Beach,Barefoot Landing and Tanger Factory Outlets.Quality golf, tremendous value and a fun-filled experience, on and off the course, are the attractions, even in difficult economic times.Great times, great people, great golf. That’s why Myrtle Beach is GolfTown, USA.

Data Recovery – Demystified

Data corruption is a common phenomenon, for ages computer administrators are battling to suppress this demon. Data recovery, is the angel guarding the gates to data loss. Data loss is a result of data corruption due to Hardware failure or software failure. Hardware failure, as the name suggests it is due to malfunction of the hard drive. Malfunction or hardware failures occur as the hard drive has moving parts. Moving parts always leads to wear and tear even when the most sophisticated technology is used.

Software failure can be due to a lot of reasons, like bad TOC (Table of contents). Table of contents is the table created and used by the operating system. TOC has the starting address of all the files on the disk. TOC of a partition or a hard drive can be recreated in much less time. Software failures also occur due to file system corruption. The file system is the format in which the data is written on to the disk. Different File systems have different advantages. For example NTFS, is useful when the system is connected to a network where more no of access for read and write are requested via the local or remote networks. It is also useful for providing good security by restricting the read and write based on the user level abstraction. Likewise FAT32, is useful for small partition it also put less stress on the hard disk ensuring more life time. Reconstructing a corrupted files system is possible but is a time consuming process. The reconstruction is done by raw scanning for clusters for data. Data recovery can be done by using freeware like recuva, it work on all windows platform for multiplatform you should try using PhotoRec. The above stated software just read the disk for data which can be recovered if deleted or formatted by mistake.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Right Type Of Diamonds

Diamonds is one of the costly jewels where someone can prefer to wear.Buying a Diamond is an occasion in itself.While it's easy to fall prey to the charms of the magnificient jewel,one should blinded by his glitter.For centuries man has been under the spell of this mesmerising piece of magic.Its been the inspiration for epic love stories and brutal battles.And with time the allure of the diamonds has sparkled brighter.Everyone prefer to buy a right diamonds,the cut of a diamond determines its quality.A well cut diamonds ,external cut is better suited to handle light internally creating more scintillation,sparkle fire and brilliance.

Shallow diamonds are used to add unnecessary weight to diamonds.A diamond is at its best when it does not have any colours at all.Diamonds available in a range of colours White,faint yellow or brown.Refers to the purity of diamonds .The best clarity of diamond comes with zero or fewer inclusions or blemishes(naturam birth marks or impurities).Diamond size is determined by its carat weight The caratage of diamond is always mentioned accurately. 1 carat is equal to 200mg or .2 grams or 100 cents.Actual weight of diamonds is used in each product.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Safety Bike Sheds

Cycling, an art of balancing a individual’s body weight on two wheels which are in motion. It is good for one’s health as it’s a good form of cardiovascular exercise. Considering bicycle as an exercise instrument and also a form of transportation it should be maintained properly. Bicycle when exposed to humidity undergoes rusting and leads to a poor comfort level when riding. 
 Thus is should be kept in place where too much humidity does not reach it. There is good online deal on bike sheds. These shed is not just not for one bike but are available upto 6 bikes. These bike storage sheds also come with the offer for locks to lock up the bikes when you are not around.  The online purchase allows you to pay using PayPal, world-pay, visa credit & debit cards and maestro cards also allowed. These bike storage sheds are good deal for folks who want to have a bike but the space in their house wouldn’t allow it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Cheap Seats

Avatar, the recent 3D flick from the director of titanic a jaw dropper not only for the viewers but the legendary Steven Spielberg’s too. Theatres are fun when the movie is too good. But there were times when theatres were not just graphical effects but essence which were displayed by the actors themselves. The Theatre gradually evolved into the current day show biz. Initially theatres were only for the royal and their subordinates. A normal person could not afford it. The day have changed now a there is growing interest in the theatres and within the reach of a common man. Theatres, in recent days drawing more attention as many of the celebrities like anna popplewell are getting involved in stage cinema.

I have never been to real theatre but a friend of mine in the states has visited several of these theatres. There seems to be theatres which are more than century old. He went for two plays, one at American Idiot. This theatre is turn into a century old antic today. The play on show was The Addams family. Yes, if you are a cartoon enthusiast you have got it right. It’s the cartoon show made into a theatre. It should be fun to see the comical characters come to life, also he added that the American Idiot Tickets were cheap. The next one is Mary poppins it’s a award winning play for best musical and again the Houston Rodeo Tickets are cheap as ever. He said he bought all the tickets online and also a bought few Reliant Stadium Tickets for the rice owls football game. He said it was a great experience to be in a theatre and watch the characters come to life.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Storage Devices Lineage

Storage devices, the memory banks of the computers have a long lineage of history. The very first storages devices were the punched cards. Punched cards used holes punched in them to store data. It later evolved to gramophone which was used to store music. In gramophone the sound and captured and it is used to vibrate the needle to store the acoustical information to disc. Later Magnetic storage devices came into existence. The data is stored by magnetizing the storage medium. The storage medium varies from magnetic tapes to floppy disk. Floppy disk spawned a new series of storage devices which were once used for installation of operating systems. The above said devices had a slow data recording rate and retrieval rate. The very first breakthrough was optical disks. The data was burned onto a metallic coating. Later the DVD and Blue-ray disks increased the storage capacity with only a few changes to the storing medium to a very range of 50 GB per disk. The above said disks were usually used as backup storage medium.

The most preferred of all is the Hard disk. They replaced everything else that was in use. The size of the hard disk has reduced from 10” to tiny dimension of 1”, whereas the capacity hasn’t decrease rather the opposite. Hard disks are now capable of storing upto 2TB of data which was once a dream. Finally a hint to people who are buying a new rig, don’t go for high end hard disk unless you’re a gamer. Look of a hard disk which has more cache memory (32 MB preferred). The drawback of hard disks is the moving parts inside the disk. They are more prone to failure. With the dawn of Solid State Drive (SSD) the storage devices will again have new king reigning for a long time. If you want to buy a hard disk this the right time the prices have fallen very much. Search for online buying sites at and read more about hard disks in the all time open source Wikipedia.

Hottest Deals Of A Cheap Seat

Watching the shows on the reality is very intresting and joyful one its whether concert ,movies and other sports shows.A Cheap Seat is a online ticket broker where you can get tickets instantly in the online for many events with less price.A cheap seat has various deals for the concert, theatre and sports ticket,it is one of the greatest entertainment for the fans to watch their favorites shows with lower ticket prices.If you are looking for a website where you can book Cheap tickets for football, hockey, and baseball, your search ends here.

A cheap seat provides you Lunt-Fontanne Theatre tickets across the country.We will provide you a various hottest deals for the tickets daily,where we can save your bucks to get a lower price tickets.Lunt-Fontanne Theatre tickets is the toughest way to buy those theatre tickets,those theatre tickets will gone quickly.A Cheap Seat provides a best way to buy a ticket at the secondary market.Quickest way to buy Lunt-Fontanne Theatre tickets via telephone is the best way to ensure tickets as well as get your tickets fast.

Reliant stadium is specillay meant for multi use.In the reliant stadium every year soccer,football and NFL is hosted.Every year huge mob would be gathered around there.Getting the Reliant Stadium Tickets is one of the big thing,cheapseat provides to best way to buy a reliant stadium ticket in lower prices.Watching the movies on the theatres is very intresting and fun loving.New Amsterdam Theatre gave us a big treat to all of the fans to enjoy their movies with low ticket cost with the help of cheap seat.New Amsterdam Tickets available here

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pongal Festival 2010 Celebrations

Pongal is one of the most important and major festival in india,it is mainly celebrated by the farmers.It is one of the biggest harvest festival celebrated it falls on jan14th,this day is one of the flourishing day for the farmers they used to go for harvest and attain high yield gain.In pongal eve bhogi is celebrated,bhogi is a fabulous day to burn our old things in the flame.The next day of pongal 'mattu pongal 'is celebrated in a great way,those who having cow they used to clean their cows, paint their horns,decorate with some glittering papers and they though treat cow as god.And other beautiful day is known as kanum pongal where the people to go their favorite places and some used to catch movies in theatres.

Pongal is the most entertainment festival for govt employees and childrens who get little relax from their work and enjoy the festival in their birth place.Sugarcane is a sub-tropical crop it is the main source to celebrate pongal with sweet.Pongal is the three days festival saying thanks to the sun to flourish all other crops and cattle.Before pongal festival all of the houses are white washed and old things from the house are burnt in bhogi.It is one of the remarkable festival for everyone's life where the neighbours can gather and celebrate their joyous festival.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

College Student's Fashion

College students goes for a trendy wear and that should be comfortable.Fashions is one of the best for your body and look great for special occasions.College mostly preferable dress are jeans and t-shirts,their fashions changing year by year.And another one is known as sunglasses,nowadays its so fashion in everyone of their youth life.College students mostly crazy about bikes,they  ride too fast.

Jeans is one of the most fashionable dress for youths and college students.Skinny jeans is most popular among ladies it is one of the cool stuff to wear and it is very flexible and designers giving out a different casual dresses and good stuff.In the fashion market many brands came with a tough competition with great exposure in terms of quality,material and various  designs.

T-shirts and tops is one of the fashionable wear for everyone,it gives you a brighter apperance to your body and you looks so handsome.We can wear in parties and for special occasions.College bags plays a another important role for fashions they available in different varities like rope bags,double side bags,single side bags and military bags,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Miley Cyrus Top 5 Hit Songs

Miley cyrus is one of the popular american pop singer and actress.Miley Cyrus "party in the USA" song had achieved its high fame and the line of song touched all his hearts.she is ranked one of the top female pop artist in 2009.Fans Others observed that Cyrus already had a risque image, and sought to broaden her appeal to audiences, with the performance a part of her transition into an entertainer for older audiences.

Cyrus rose to fame starring as the title character in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana.In 2008, she appeared in the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert film.Cyrus released her second studio album under her own name, entitled Breakout. Cyrus said Breakout was inspired by "what's been going on in my life in the past year.

Miley Cyrus top 5 hits songs:

1. 7 Things
3.See you again
4.Best of both worlds
5. Nobody perfect

Motherboards and Buses - Be Careful When You Choose Them

Personal computers have now become an integral part of everyone’s life. When we talk about Personal computers it literally plunges into a pool of its versions, laptop, desktop and the newbie net book. A very most important component of these is the framework of the computer, the Motherboard. Motherboards and buses were traditionally a very large plate fabricated with circuits and slot for processor, if processor is the brain motherboard would be everything else in the human body. Motherboards are fabricated with busses. The complex bus architecture of buses can be divided into two large groups parallel and serial. There are improvisation in these buses in recent years which lead to implementation of serial using parallel bus and rise of universal bus which virtually connects everything on the motherboard to processor and every other location on the motherboard.

The process of picking up a motherboard is critical criteria. It determines how the computer is going to perform. The choice depends on the purpose of computing. If I’m just high school kid, I don’t need a supercomputer to run my word processing applications. I just need an average pc. The mistake of making a wrong in motherboard purchase will never happen when you take into consideration the following factors, Front side speed(Intel), hyper transport(AMD) these have values in MHz, although recent motherboards have reached GHz range. Higher the value faster your system will be. The Next thing is the interface controller, if your processor manufacturer has his own set of motherboards then try to pick an OEM motherboard rather going for chipsets which has reduced performance or overworked chip which would lead to early hardware failure. Look out for these parameters you’ll never go wrong when you pick up a motherboard by yourself.


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