Wednesday, March 25, 2009


NANO's provide a desirable and cute looks makes the TATA creation appealing. The smiley face , those cute eyes and round shaped roof ,the air inlets behind the rear doors all of the features makes the nano charm . It is a good to drive and offers a adequate space and fuel consumption. Its price is unbelievable to every one ,It has a fabolous engine that combines the performance and economy.

What makes it best???????

NANO is very comfortable on inside and can seat four people in comfort.It is very useful for small family and scores on comfort too, today all over eyes turned to TATA NANO.
NANO weigh is just 600 kg ,Battery and fuel tanks placed under the front seat,four speed gear box works well. we were quite impressed about the dashboards used in NANO. Everyone in the family they had a dream to buy a new car ,there dream now termed in to the reality because of TATA NANO .In the LX and CX versions , the standard air-conditioner provides a good cooling for the front and rear passengers .

The NANO gets to 60kmph in 9 seconds which is merely faster than the maruthi 800, per litre it gives a 18-20kmph in reality. TATA gets an another achievement due to nano extraodinary features .its cost is estimated RS 1.2-1.5 lakhs. nano is suited for city and for smooth drive, keeping up and even dodging traffic is easy.

Technical Data:
Price : 1.2-1.5 lakhs
Engine: 624cc,2-cycles in line petrolbrakes:fr\rr drums
colours avilable : red, yellow,silver,white..........................

Saturday, March 21, 2009

college life ends...............................

Dear blogger friends, I had a usual fear about ending of my college life . for every youngsters college life is a charming treasure.friends are like rainfalls they come through the life without any expectation . you can fall in love suddenly seeing the person or without seeing the person,but friendship is not like at all suddenly u cannot make friends you want to speak more and share your thoughts,feelings ,up and downs in your life then only your friendship comes through.

In the four years of my college we lived like a joint family and every friends play their respective roles, apart from that when we travel our college bus we used to make lot of fun with our seniors and too.

our college lab is one tha park i can say we can chat over each other.

In 6th sem i got a worst result in my university exams ,college managment has pointed out me due to my poor performance. I felt very trouble those days and cried a lot . these are the persons motivated me :
my father said " one who are facing so many problems in their today they achieved a big sucess in their life.
friend velu: "has supported and motivated me in the every circumstances of up and downs in my life. His inspiring words gave me a confidence to won in my carrer
friend karthick : he quoted a good example to me , a person going on the road suddenly he falls down. first u want to decide where we want to go ,if u are thinking about your fall down and your injury you could reach the correct place.

after finishing our college

friends when will we meet..........................................................


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life is like a garden
And friendship like a flower,
That blooms and grows in beauty
With the sunshine and the shower.

And lovely are the blossoms
That are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.

And, like the garden blossoms,
Friendship's flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.

And, if the seed of friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship's flower will bloom for you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I LOVE MY BMW 3 series

In the youth life every one has attracted and addicted to the lovely ones . i was really attracted to my beautiful bmw 3 series . Though its to be a dream for our middle class family ,i was stunned with his stylish look ,features and smooth riding. when i going to college i used to see my bmw cars in the road , i will see up to cars move away from me. i tell to my friends and sister one day i will buy the bmw 3 series everyone laughed at me and said its a joke . everyone demotivated me at every instance when i was thinking about the car . bmw 3 series cars fully connected with gps(global position system), comfortable seats , a/c,roof tv with dvd player, power steering . if any problem occoured in the car it will send the alarm to the driver. though i know about only certain features. every day its a dream for me and my dad too. one day i want to present the car to my dad and want to travel with my mom,dad, sister for a long while. In our country so many cars are available i was attracted with the front look,colour and flexiblity to use . for example i want to quote here i anybody has the bmw cars they do not know the value of the car ,like our middle class family know the value of the car though they looks like they had a gloden globe with them .

like me everyone has attracted on something else they need to be patience



Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Words Are True

Where have i seen you before,
has it been in my sleep?
In the dream where you made a promise,
The one you said you'd keep.

Not today,
Not tomorrow.
I don't want to see,
Just all of my sorrows.

The promises you've made,
Have hardly been kept.
There are ones,
I try and forget.

i like someone,
someone new.
But still i find myself,
Falling back in love with you.

The more i try,
To push you away.
Only in my memory,
memories of you stay.

My heart,
the one you evilly stole.
Now lives,
with one big whole.

I look down this empty road,
and i see my memories of you.
I'm just wishing that i could tell you,
that my heart is true.

I don't wanna lose you,
yet i don't wanna let him slip away.
But i want you,
to promise me that you'll stay.

I see a future.
a future for you and me.
One that no other,
person can see.

I wish that you would,
be true.
And just say,
"I have feelings for you, too."

I think deep,
down inside.
You have feelings for me,
the ones in which you hide.

I look back down this road,
wishing that i could see.
The memories and pictures,
of you and me.

Where did we go wrong?
We once had a friendship,
that was SO strong.

I loved you once,
I love you still
i always have,
and i always will.

No matter what the day may bring,
i'll always stick by you.
So please believe me,
Because my words are true!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


On a cold dark night
I shiver inside
My heart cries out in pain
My brain screams to the moon

A cold jeweled moon
Shines down on my face
She dances in the light
And a chill runs down my spine

It haunts me,
Inside my mind,
Inside my soul
It haunts me,
Inside my heart

Memory cries out your name
Memories speak to my soul
That time, long ago
When you lived
Inside my mind,
Inside my soul,
Haunting my dreams,
Haunting my heart

The ghost stands in my room
Past the city lights
Beyond the streets below
The sheet falls off of you
Your naked in the light

I cry out to you
You vanish into the night
Into my dreams,
Into my soul,
Haunting my mind,
Haunting my heart,
Haunting....My life


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