Saturday, October 31, 2009

Infosys Narayanamurthy success story

Today we are going to see a one of the famous sucessor in the life as well as in the IT field ,You all be aware of Infosys narayanamurthy who has the backbone for Infosys to attain its peak level in the IT industry.

Narayanamurthy was born in 1946 and hails from kolar ,karnataka .His educational values and his extra curricular activities are encouranged by his father and his teacher.In the childhood he was a studious boy and a brillaint engineer from the IIT .narayanamurthy worked in a IT company up to the age of 35 years.He and his colleagues started a infosys in his apartmentand he invested a minimum amount of capital 10000 which was borrowed from his wife.Today Infosys is the one of the leading It company in india and his colleagues made a thousand of crore values.His vision is to make india the country of choice for customised software and development and maintenance.He has buit a Infosys as a strong ethical values.

Narayanamurthy was a member in National Information Technology Task force of india.Narayanamurthy belives that everybody should work hard for their share of sucess.

German Timberland Shop Schuhe (Shoes)

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Some of it which includes Guess Pumps, cork shoes, patent leather shoes, platform shoes and Guess Roman sandals sold in white and black with golden appliqué.Stiefel und Ankle Boots was weared by ladies for the perfect style.Timberland stiefel is the another best site to buy boots and leather shoes.All stiefel are modern and the varities are Lexxis Charles,Mukluk,Barentsburg, Earthkeepers Boots,Stiefel Klassiker Canard,verschieden Farben and Lederarten.Damenstiefel are used mostly used in winter season and it is very flexible to use,pumps und Peeptoes sowie modern Ankle Boots mit Absatz sind now in Trend.If you want to get more information about this site just check it out....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rhianna Top Ten Hit Songs

Rhianna started her career as a backing vocalist for her brother's band, LSK, but she later dropped out and went solo in her twenties.many fans like her voice its tends to be really amazing .

If the hip-hop princess’s stylish get-ups in the past year isn’t enough of proof, her album cover look on the just released single, Russian Roulette, should be enough to dispel any dissent (not that we expected there to be any). Donning next to nothing and wrapped in some very dangerous looking barbed-wires, the good girl didn’t just go bad, she went way badder. The single is a little preview for what’s to come of Rhianna’s Nov 23 album, Rated R, release. If this album cover isn’t exactly rated R yet, we can’t wait to see what her actual album shots look like.

Check out the song and show the girl some support for all the wonderful work she’s been doing

1. "Flying Away"
2. "What Are You Gonna Do?"
3. "Thank You"
4. "Vanish"
5. "Where Are You Now?"
6. "Tie Me Horse Up"
7. "All or Nothing"
8. "Ah Ah Ah"
9. "No One Is Allowed"
10. "Vivere Mai (Justify)"
11. "Ain't No Other On
12. "Oh Baby" [World R'emix]

My Girl Friend Birthday

In the year everyone supposed to forget so many good days ,But no one use to forget her girl friend birthday.Many can buy greetings,flowerwash,roses etc.........and some of them go for parks,beaches,theatres to make her girl friend so happy at the glittering day.

In the above mentioned all came from my dreams and not yet gone to outside with my girlfriend and didnt speak yet ,

My birthday and my girl friend birthday there will be a little coincidence

Rajesh : 24.03.88
Pradeeba : 26.03.88

I think we are made for each other.

About my GF:
cute and very bold person
helping tendency
she likes pink colour
Roll model : abdul kalam
Hated person, Its me.

This what I can observe from the 4 years of my college.I will pray for the god please extend my college days to see her, but i unfortunately i missed her at the end of my college life. Now she is doing M.E in vit (Vellore institute of technology),I had a belief one day i will met her.I was still waiting for that day.........

Ricky Ponting Whispered about his 3rd ODI

Once again the fire starts between the two teams in the Hero Honda Cup series.Winning captain murmured about his 3rd odi.Ricky ponting adds " Due to the continuous matches his team members many of them injured and he requested the ICC to reduce the matches for the upcoming trophy"

Ricky says In the past two matches india scoring on the last ten overs.It Cant be stopped by our bowlers, if we had a mcrath definitely we stopped india scoring on last overs and he is the one of the good bowler how to swing the ball.

I'm very highly delighted in the first ODI. In that match we took 200/7 and hence we think it would a simple victory, though a harbhajan and praveen mastero performance make the team members to feel so guilty.In the last over sidel took a harbhajan wicket in the first ball of the over to make 4 runs victory.

Wicket Keeper Paine was injured in the second ODI,When sidel bowled to the batsmen and the ball hit the wicket keeper fingers but he played a match with strain.After the match he took xray doctor announced his middle finger was injured and he returned to home.

India is now in full form with long order batsmans,no other team had a this much long order batsmen ,fielding as well as bowling.Ind VS aus 3rd ODI will be a wonderful gift to fans and they were highly anticapated to see the third ODI.Both TOp 1 and top 2 ranking teams going to play every one are in curious to see the match.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seafoods taste.........

Nowadays people mostly prefer seafoods instead of mutten,chicken.seafoods contains limited amount of fat and it contains oil keeps your face fresh.heart patient use to take sea foods to stay healthy for a long period.In seafoods many delicious recipe came over they are prawn,fish,crab,shell,star fish.

Seafoods are demand nowadays instead of many of them taking seafoods.mostly i too prefer seafoods especially prawn,lobster,vanjaram fish and crab,its so delicious and the smell makes every one to taste it...

one day i and my friend went to 3star hotel,though my friend was a pure vegetarian and he dont know its a non veg hotel .I ordered a prawn with kuska and he too ordered a kuska ,looking somewhere else i suddenly changed the kuska plate(i mixed the prawn with kuska),after he taken the delicious kuska

He replied machi "in the kuska channa is too tasty da" i replied its prawn .okay leave it machi ,anyways its too good.

BMW X1 with electrifying foray

BMW officially launced its X1 at the Frankfurt motor show.It offers a choice between standard rear wheel drive or four wheel drive and is a more cross over than an off-roader .It has an estate car like styling and comes with five different engines.

It is a swish ,small of all shapes and sizes graced the frankurt mort show held recently but the show stopers are the electric ones ......

Charged up for the world's largest car at show at frankfurt ,germany,we expected ,bigger, sexier and more powerful cars and just what we witnessed.bit this time around,joining the muscular and modern machines in the limelight were battery powered models that manufactures power to sell in the next few years .we guide you to some of the best.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Windows 7 OS Download Sites

windows 7 is the one of the lastest version of windows .Windows 7 is very flexible to use than windows vista and its very compatible .It can be used on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs and media center PCs.Windows 7 was launced on 0ct 22,thu,2009.

Windows 7 includes a number of new features, such as advances in touch and handwriting recognition, support for virtual hard disks, improved performance on multi-core processors.It is user friendly and its supports online gamings,medias player and other entertainments.The launch of Windows 7 has superseded everyone’s expectations.

Windows 7 is available in six different editions, but only the Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions are available for retail sale in most countries.Microsoft has published their minimum specifications for a system running Windows 7.Requirements for the 32-bit version are much the same as recommendations for premium editions of Vista, but the 64-bit versions are higher

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SMS Caster E-Marketer V3.6-Bulk sms text mesaging software

Sms Caster is very flexible tool to use and we can send bulk sms.It allows you to send marketing & advertising SMS and receive response SMS from the computer.Both version 3.6 of GSM and CDMA are released today. It has a new and enhanced Scheduler. All our customers with valid license key are welcome to upgrade for free!Importing contacts from a text CSV file is faster now. It takes just a few seconds to import 100k contacts! You can optioinally remove duplicates phone number also.

For the Enterprise Edition, you can optionally enable separate queues for the outbox.We can send thousand of sms easily from the computer,Receive incoming SMS into the computer (2-way SMS),No registration, no credit prepay, no SMS gateway required,Support Long SMS, Flash SMS, SMS Mail Merge,Use your existing Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Motorola mobile phone!

We can send sms in diffent languages and it supports Support GSM 7-bit and UCS2 Unicode encoding with Auto Encoding Selection. Compose your SMS in many different languages: German, French, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc.

If you want to download sms caster software -click here

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ubtan ......The Most Effective Beauty Product

Ubtan is the body application used for the beautification of the body,dating back to the remotest antiquity and is the legacy of the rich indian heritage.'Ubtan' the paste mixture of turmeric ,saffrons,sandalwoods,bengal-grams,and seeds of yellow mustard is applied by bride and bride grooms while reciting 'vedmantras'as an important ritual of marriages in india.Upon scientific research of ingredients ,it is found that the 'ubtan' not only enhances beauty,but also posses defnite medicinal values by virtue of its antifungal ,antibacterial,antiperspirant,deodrant and skin toning properties there by ruling out the possiblities of skin infections.It serves the multipurpose role of cleanser ,astringent,stimulant,and skin tonic .By it revitalsing and refreshing and refining actions,'Ubtan'helps in making the skin glow in complexion and makes it appear luscious.It also gives various protection from various skin problems including acne,pimp[les,blemishes,white patches,freckles,blackheads etc.Its regular usage prevents the occourence of premature wrinkles ,remove scars and helps to open the lighten pores.

Tulsi....The time tested remedy for several ailments

Many families in india maintain a tulsi planted in a specially built structurewhich has images of deities installed on all four sides ,and an aclove for a small earthen oil lamp.Some of the larger households even have up to a dozen tulsi plants on the verandah or in the garden.

Tulsi is og great medicinal significiance ,and his prime herb in Ayurvedic treatment .Maqrket by its strong aroma and a stringent taste ,tulsi promoptes longetivity .The plant extracts cab be used to prevent and cure many illness and common ailments like common cold,headaches,stomach disorders,inflammation,heart disease and various forms of poisoning and malaria .Essential oil extracted from karpura tulasi is mostly used for medicinal purpose though of late is used in the manufacture of herbal toiletrics.

The tulsi plant is even known to purify or de-pollute the atmosphere and also works as repellent to musquitoes ,flies and other harmful insects.Tulsi used to bea universal remedy in case of malarial fever.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hilary Mantel Won the 41st annual man booker prize

Hilary mantel won the 41st annual man booker prize last week for wolf hall,a historical novel about henry V111's court centered on the king adviser,Thomas cromwell .In the run up to the cermony at the guidhall in london,Mantel 57,was the overhelming favorite,with bookmarkers william hill giving wolf hall odds of 10-11 ,the shortest odds ever for a nominee.

Mantel beat out literary lions j.m coetzee andA.s Byatt,both previous winners of the prize, and deprived Coetzee of the chance to become a three time winner of the award.She was the first favorite to win since Yann Martel won for life of Pi in 2002.Accepting the award mantel said,
"I had to intrest the historians,I had to amuse the jaded plate of the critical establishments and most of all i had to capture the imagination of the general reader."

Akshay Kumar continues to be a ultimate action hero

Look around and all you see are posters of akshay kumar dotting the city's skyline.And if filim magazines were to have a poll.kumar will certainly most talk about actor award for this year.Even as people spectulate on kumar's worth ,he continues to maintain a silence.However the actor remains humble and straight when voicing his opinions.

He may be a dare devil doing all his stunts himself,but when it comes mental toughness ,kumar insist women are in the forefront."I see it in my wife,my mother and even my mother in law,women have a lot more mental resilence,"

Kumar maintains that his wife has been an exemplary human being having put aside her profession as an actor to be central pivot at home .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Akon Feat Top 5 Hit Songs

Akon is the one of the best singer ever i seen , his songs "Smack that" impressed me a lot and make me to a fan of akon albums.I used to sing everywhere i go " Smack that all on the floor,smack that give me some more,smack that untill u get sore,smack that ohhh!!!!!!!.Akon lines is used to attract everyone who do not hear music too.Though is background his so poor and he now the ways to attract people from his good songs.Recently my friends too fan of akon,always they check out the new arrivals of alon albums.In the past times we will speak about akon gossip "what a man he is?.Another album of akon is "right now(na na na)".It is the first single from Akon's third studio album Freedom.

Akon is a Senegalese American hip hop and R&B singer. Akon produced in 2004 his single "Locked Up" from his debut album Trouble. Akon Convict second album, called Konvicted, earned him a Grammy Award nomination for the single "Smack That". He is also the founder of Konvict Muzic

Akon Feat Top 5 hit songs list:

1. Smack That

2.Right now

3.Sexy Bitch



Vegas Online Casino

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dabur Honey - Thickest & Healthiest

The goodness of honey is determined by its source.In case of dabur honey ,the source is the pristine sundarbans and the himalayas .which brings you the thickest honey .And this makes the dabur honey ,the healthiest honey .With each spoonful you get minerals and iron ,vitamins like b1,b2 and bs and a number of vital,choose dabur honey and let your family relish nature's wonder food.

Honey has been used for its medicinal and therapeutic value for centuries in India. Dabur India Limited saw the potential of honey beyond its remedial value, helping every household imbibe the goodness of this natural wonder liquid in their day-to-day life.

Rich, golden Dabur Honey is full of natural goodness. It is sourced from the nectar of select flowers growing in the Himalayas and the Sunderban forests.To enjoy the natural taste of Honey, apply on toast, paranthas or Indian breads, into warm milk or any other food you like. In India we recommend not to cook with honey or to heat honey to high temperatures.

Effective Stress Reduction Techniques

We've all had times when work pressures peak and finding those restful moments is tough.Work place stress and associated problems are becoming increasingly prevalent,especially among the upwardly mobile population.Each year,an astonishing number of working days are lost due to stress related healthy issues.

Physical Symptoms of stress become evident when individuals face chronic stress and suffer from an over stimulated autonomic nervous system.

The first symptoms can be relatively mild ,like chronic headaches and increased susceptiblity to colds.However stress level increase ,symptoms are likely to be amplified.

Stress-induced conditions may include depression ,diabetes ,hair loss,heart disease,obesity,obsessive-compulsive or anxiety disorders ,sexual dysfunction,ulcers.

The effective stress reduction techniques

1.stress-neutralisation(meditation,yoga amd deep breathing excercise)


2.Quit or limit smoking

3. Healthy eating

4. Quality sleep.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leona Lewis - Top 5 Hit Songs

Leona Louise Lewis (born 3 April 1985) is an English pop/R&B singer and songwriter. Lewis rose to fame in 2006 as the winner of the third series of the British television series The X Factor.

The 24-year-old singing sensation accessorized with a Vivienne Westwood belt and Stella McCartney shoes. For her solo performance, Leona also wore a black gown by Vivienne Westwood.

During the show, Leona sang her hit song “Happy” and performed her own rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s ’80’s hit “True Colors” (with Cyndi herself)!

A striking young woman with a strong vocal resemblance to the young Whitney Houston and a large mop of blonde corkscrew curls.

This girl has an amazing voice, this is a great song !
when Leona Lewis won the x factor last year,it was just the start of her journey. This is a great first single from her. the very beautiful ‘a moment like this’ almost makes me.

Top 5 Hit SOngs of Leona Lewis:

1 Bleeding Love

2 Better in Time

3 Angel

4 I Wanna Be That Girl

5 Take a Bow

Friday, October 2, 2009

Build Your muscles at over night

In body building you cant see the results immediately.the body building process takes some time to develop and the muscle won't grow one or two days.It will take the stipulated period of time to build your muscles,you should take a protien food that tends to build your body.Intial steps are give below to build your body:

1. Protein
Protein is essential if you want to build muscle. It helps to rebuild the muscle tissues after a workout, so plenty of protein in your diet is needed if you want to build muscle fast. Eating 1.5 grams per lb of body weight is recommended. Chicken, fish, eggs are all foods that build muscle. Extra protein can also be found in supplements. It is important to get plenty of protein pre and post workout. Check out this article on the benefits of protein.

2. Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are needed to fuel both your workout and recovery. Carbs are often overlooked when trying to build muscle fast in favour of protein, even though it is essential to get the right balance in order to fuel your workout and aid your recovery. A general rule is you should consume carbs 2:1 to protein. Opt for low GI carbs as these provide slow release energy.

3. Water
Muscles are made up mostly of water so it makes sense to drink plenty. Keep your body well hydrated throughout the day, and try to avoid alcohol as it will leave you dehydrated and this will have an effect on muscle growth.

4. Supplements
The right supplements is another way to build muscle fast. Protein shakes are a good way to get the extra protein that your muscles need. There are a wide range of different supplements available. Creatine is also popular among weight lifters but it is important that you research and understand the supplements you are taking and their effects. Check out this guide to muscle building supplements.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Diwali 2009 Festival Celebrations

Diwali is one such festival that successfully surpasses religious boundaries and validates the solidarity of India and its varied cultural heritage. The festival of lights, fireworks and merriment is round the corner and kiosks and shops are laden with the festive aura.

Diwali is a time of holiday, feasting and family visits. Hindus spend the day visiting friends and family and exchanging gifts and sweets. This festival resembles Christmas in many ways. Children definitely expect toys at this time. Stores, shops and open markets are gaily decorated and lit up. Everybody adorns new and bright clothes, especially the women who wear their best jewelry. The preparations for Diwali begin well in advance and people start cleaning and decorating their homes, preparing Indian sweets, lighting up their homes with colorful lights, adorning new clothes & jewelry.

The history of Diwali is as old as the rich customs and traditions of India. There are different legends in the ‘Puranas’ that mark the significance of the festival. Though the characters are different but they all contain the same message, triumph of good over evil.

Foods made during this festival

Mootichur Ladoo
Rawa Ladoo
Besan Ladoo
Ras Malai
Dal Halwa
Sohan papdi
Balu Shahi
Kaju Burfi
Coconut Burfi
Gulab Jamun


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