Monday, April 27, 2009


I forget all my troubles and problems,
when you come running into my arms.

I loose contact with the reality and pain,
when your eyes suck me into their depths.

When I am feeling down in the dumps,
your angelic face lights up my life.

I feel myself on the top of the world,
when your breathtaking beauty is beside me.

I feign anger at your delightful little pranks,
to get the taste of your innocent apologies.

Yes I know, I am evil to make you suffer,
but your heavenly concerned face makes me selfish.

Are you and all this blissful rapture,
is it real or just a fantasy in my mind.

You will be mine in this world and the next,
I pray to God that this be always true.

Because even heaven will be agonizing,
if you are not there, to be with me.

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