Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Weekend that will be..

The most fun weekend I’m going to have in my life. The places which will make the coming weekend enjoyable deserve a mention. The Three place which will take me took me to the peak of entertainment First let me start with the World Wrestling entertainment.  I have been a fan of it since it was federation. Then something happened, they changed the name to entertainment. But I still watch it with the same enthusiasm I did it my young ages. Its nice to watch some real macho fighting. The next two places are a part of history which we know of.
First one is place which housed all the famous TV channels telecasting base and its then later turned in to a theatre. It is been praised for its uniqueness and the soothing feel it exuberates when you enter  into it. The special place become more special which has a sting concert which I will watching with my friends. The second place is one which is house the basket ball area and name the 27th largest of it kind.It nice to be in a place where there is positive energy. Music concerts and sport court are the place to be at.

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