Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Asana is the one can make fit us physically and mentally ready

The ultimate purpose of asana is to make the revolutionary energy in man.Asana means a state of being in which one can remain physically and mentally ready ,calm ,quiet and comfortable.Asanas are specific body postion which opens energy channels and psychic centres.Matter and energy merge in to pure consciousness in a state of intoxicating bliss,the goal of yoga.Having attained this,the yogi gains supreme knowledge and passes beyond birth and death.Most modern day diseases are psychosomatic in nature drug treatment of this ailment is only symptomatic and fails to touch the root of disease.

Asana helps to get pure mind with away from diseases.Asanas ,if done correctly ,in a non competitive and relaxed atmosphere,not only relax the muscles of the body but these relaxing impulses travel back to the brain and relax the mind.Once the mind is relaxed,the root cause of many diseases is removed.Asanas has the regulation of incoming and outgoing flow of breath with retention,Asana denotes cosmic power or the power of the entire universe which manifests in us through the phenomenon of breathing.


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