Sunday, September 26, 2010

One day in malaysia

Malaysia is one of the tourist spot in south east Asia.I gone to kuala Lumpur and well enjoyed the place with the evergreen beautiful atmosphere and well designed architect buildings.When exotic birds, squirrels and monitor lizards cross your path, you know this is the place to get in tune with nature.For the nature lover, a trekking expedition to Chilling River, which can last four hours or more, is just the activity to get into.The flora and fauna of Chilling River as well as fresh air are bound to put one in high spirits and all that hiking should be a great stress reliever.The only one of its kind in Malaysia, the team is dedicated to locating, subduing and then trans locating problem elephants from areas where their habitats are constantly being encroached by plantations.

At present, Kuala Gandah house a number of elephant which were brought in from Thailand, India & Myanmar. The elephants are trained and used in translocation process of wild elephants in problem areas throughout Peninsular Malaysia. The centre also looks after orphaned elephants to ensure their continued survival.

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