Friday, December 24, 2010

Manmadhan Ambu

Manmadha ambu is a romantic comedy. It revolves around ex-army Major Bhooshanam (Kamal Haasan), who is a detective employed by the brash Madanagopal (R Madhavan), the distrustful boyfriend of actress Nisha aka Ambu (Trisha). Ambu is on a holiday, and Madanagopal suspects that she's seeing someone on the sly.The Major has his own past and troubles, and meanwhile, Madanagopal is stuck in a rut of feeding his paranoia to maniacal proportions and turns into a hopeless alcoholic.

The humour is understated and smart, and also the kind to make you laugh out loud if you're involved enough with the flick. The creative liberties - a bumbling husband-wife producer couple who stalk Trisha, and the customary all-character confusion towards the end - don't seem painful, since they are not over-the-top.
 Devi Sri Prasad stays away from the hip-shakers and all his trademark tunes, and brings in some fluid music - with some melancholic tunes and some lilting, and some quite strange. The slick cinematography makes this a sort of an exotic watch.

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