Friday, May 20, 2011

KO Movie Review

The story starts at Dinanjali, a newspaper office where Ashwin (Jeeva), is a photographer while Renu (Karthika) and Saraswathi (Piyaa) are seen as journalists working woth the same newspaper.

All three of them try to break the news and stand up on their toes for all getting the latest happenings news. Ashwin's lens is creative and he captures all well.

Moving forward the next character Vasanth (Ajmal) gets introduced and he is an engineer. Though he is an engineer his aim is to become a politician and aspires to change the society.

Vasanth plans to contest in the upcoming elections. Ashwin who has good political contacts he makes his friend Ajmal a politician for a good cause.

But after turning as a politician Vasanth turns into a corrupted politician like all other politicians and kicks out Ashwin from his camp.

Yogi (Prakash Raj) is the Chief Minister of that political party. Vasanth joins his hands with Yogi and forgets to do good for the society.

During some unexpected mishap Saro gets killed in a bomb blast. Bu seeing all these Ashwin plans to bring down Vasanth by using the same political contacts.

But Vasanth who is annoyed with the chain reactions plans to take revenge on Ashwin. The rest of the story forms the interesting plans of Jeeva with a twist in the story.

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