Friday, May 24, 2013

Searching Jobs.................................................

In the summer season searching for a job is a difficult task, Im too searching for a IT job nearly one year still now i didnt get any job.Young people have it tough in 2012, An early-year spark in the job market has given way to a sluggish spring, with job openings declining in April and the unemployment rate for young people between ages 20 and 24 standing at 12.9%, more than four percentage points above the national average.

I was very tired for searching the job in the chennai city due to the drastic change in the market no vacancy is available in every doors of the company. Simply posting my resume makes in all company websites but i didnt get any responce from any of the IT companies.In the scorching sun most of the young people cant search the jobs.The fact is, in a market with few openings and a surplus of applicants, job seekers not only need to work harder to distinguish themselves; they also need to utilize smarter, more focused, and more creative strategies for demonstrating their skills to prospective employers.


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