Saturday, March 21, 2009

college life ends...............................

Dear blogger friends, I had a usual fear about ending of my college life . for every youngsters college life is a charming treasure.friends are like rainfalls they come through the life without any expectation . you can fall in love suddenly seeing the person or without seeing the person,but friendship is not like at all suddenly u cannot make friends you want to speak more and share your thoughts,feelings ,up and downs in your life then only your friendship comes through.

In the four years of my college we lived like a joint family and every friends play their respective roles, apart from that when we travel our college bus we used to make lot of fun with our seniors and too.

our college lab is one tha park i can say we can chat over each other.

In 6th sem i got a worst result in my university exams ,college managment has pointed out me due to my poor performance. I felt very trouble those days and cried a lot . these are the persons motivated me :
my father said " one who are facing so many problems in their today they achieved a big sucess in their life.
friend velu: "has supported and motivated me in the every circumstances of up and downs in my life. His inspiring words gave me a confidence to won in my carrer
friend karthick : he quoted a good example to me , a person going on the road suddenly he falls down. first u want to decide where we want to go ,if u are thinking about your fall down and your injury you could reach the correct place.

after finishing our college

friends when will we meet..........................................................

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