Wednesday, March 25, 2009


NANO's provide a desirable and cute looks makes the TATA creation appealing. The smiley face , those cute eyes and round shaped roof ,the air inlets behind the rear doors all of the features makes the nano charm . It is a good to drive and offers a adequate space and fuel consumption. Its price is unbelievable to every one ,It has a fabolous engine that combines the performance and economy.

What makes it best???????

NANO is very comfortable on inside and can seat four people in comfort.It is very useful for small family and scores on comfort too, today all over eyes turned to TATA NANO.
NANO weigh is just 600 kg ,Battery and fuel tanks placed under the front seat,four speed gear box works well. we were quite impressed about the dashboards used in NANO. Everyone in the family they had a dream to buy a new car ,there dream now termed in to the reality because of TATA NANO .In the LX and CX versions , the standard air-conditioner provides a good cooling for the front and rear passengers .

The NANO gets to 60kmph in 9 seconds which is merely faster than the maruthi 800, per litre it gives a 18-20kmph in reality. TATA gets an another achievement due to nano extraodinary features .its cost is estimated RS 1.2-1.5 lakhs. nano is suited for city and for smooth drive, keeping up and even dodging traffic is easy.

Technical Data:
Price : 1.2-1.5 lakhs
Engine: 624cc,2-cycles in line petrolbrakes:fr\rr drums
colours avilable : red, yellow,silver,white..........................

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