Monday, January 18, 2010

Replica Watches

Replica watches, these watches are usually mistaken for fake watches. The basic difference is the quality of the material used in the manufacture of the watches. A fake watch badly imitates the original badly but also has very crappy quality. Fake watches do not spell the brand name with the same letters. There are either interchanged or similar sounding letters or used. For example Rolex will be pronounced with Rolxe. Fake watches are not only a waste of money but also give no moral value to the purchasing individual. Fake watches are not a competition to the Replica watches rather brings down the name of the Replica’s.

Replica watches are watches made from good quality material. These watches are meant for enthusiast who cannot afford the expensive original to add it their collection. A Replica watch imitates all the function of the original watch. The external look is the most important parameter in replicas. The first people notice is that the difference in the looks of the replicas. There are companies which make replicas which are more preferred than the original. Replicas make a good deal in terms of money for the watch collectors. Also the replica watches which are available online have a customizable strap which is not a case with original. This is one of the tempting factors for one to buy a replica watch.


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