Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Right Type Of Diamonds

Diamonds is one of the costly jewels where someone can prefer to wear.Buying a Diamond is an occasion in itself.While it's easy to fall prey to the charms of the magnificient jewel,one should blinded by his glitter.For centuries man has been under the spell of this mesmerising piece of magic.Its been the inspiration for epic love stories and brutal battles.And with time the allure of the diamonds has sparkled brighter.Everyone prefer to buy a right diamonds,the cut of a diamond determines its quality.A well cut diamonds ,external cut is better suited to handle light internally creating more scintillation,sparkle fire and brilliance.

Shallow diamonds are used to add unnecessary weight to diamonds.A diamond is at its best when it does not have any colours at all.Diamonds available in a range of colours White,faint yellow or brown.Refers to the purity of diamonds .The best clarity of diamond comes with zero or fewer inclusions or blemishes(naturam birth marks or impurities).Diamond size is determined by its carat weight The caratage of diamond is always mentioned accurately. 1 carat is equal to 200mg or .2 grams or 100 cents.Actual weight of diamonds is used in each product.

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