Monday, February 1, 2010

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya Movie Review

A True love story is once again hosted by gautham menon with the upcoming filim of vinnai thandi varuvaya.He is proved his talent in the vinnai thandi varuya,this filim going to be a good fortune filim for the lovers.Maestro Ar rahman has created a one good musics for the movie.Starring Simbhu and sizzling thrisha had made a good come back in this movie.Between this two celebrity's chemistry is working good along with the story,simbhu and thrisha fans were highly anticipated to see the movie after a long days.A.R. Rahman handling the music, expectations are high among audiences.

Vinnai thandi Varuvaya is a sweet love story that revolves around Simbhu and Trisha.Simbhu plays a very subtle guy in this very sweet romance, while Trisha attracts everyone with her traditional wear and superb cool look. To make the music more special, two songs has been shot in Malta Islands.


  1. wow!! v r waiting for this film...

  2. now a movie cant satisfy all the people who watch it.every movie has its own target audience.this very much applies to this movie.its only target audience is people who have experienced of the mass should stay away from this one.because you cant feel the movie or can you patiently watch it throughout.
    now coming to a movie in should suck the audience into it.and make them believe in this movie doesn't do it.its a drag.the second half is a torture.i would have been happy if this movie was made within 90 minutes instead of 180 minutes.only for the reason that the filmmaker has a yet another different love story.
    music is fantastic.but used pretty ineffectively.when will they stop shooting songs in sea shores...mountains...fancy film sets ? if you want to be real...then be real throughout...
    by the way making simbu speak in english was not good at sounds so unreal and out of place whenever he says anything in english in the movie...the emotions are lost...trisha's performance has to be appreciated.she has done a wonderful goodthing to watch the movie if you are a trish fan.
    coming to the story...its a usual love story with a unusual once you have thought of making this into a should also consider the weight it carries in doesn't have much weight in it to be a 3 hour movie.even people who might have liked the movie would end up hating it because its such a drag.why was their so much background music in the movie? it was totally annoying.
    well i would like to end my comments saying this movie has proved me to write.which i have never done it does effect you wether you like it or hate it.

  3. To the comment above, that's not true, gautham actually made the songs even more beautiful with the picturization. I started to like the songs better. And you don't HAVE to be fallen in love to watch this movie (even the director has said this statement) but I disagree!
    And wonderful movie! I love gautham, what a fabulous director he is!

  4. i loved the movie.... its damn gud!!! cant stop thinkin bout it...

  5. This movie stands near to Maniratnam's Geethanjali {Idhayathai Thirudaathe - in Tamil].
    The Direction is so Clean and Beautiful.

  6. kishore commented that only people who have fallen in love will like this movie but sory to say this but you are entirely wrong kishore. many people did like the movie. may be u dint like the movie but many did.

  7. from my opinion one of the best movie for lovers from tamil industry.

  8. really its very wonderful movie....tremendous music and good chemistry btwn simbu and words to describe about climax really its superb...i love this movie and gautham menon sir too

  9. Hi Mr.Gautham,
    I felt my love. I really enjoyed first half only.
    Jessy's climax was very good. But Vinnai Thandi varuvaya's climax was so so so bad. Please I wish to change climax.
    Anyway I like to thank you. I like your film. Please try to change something. We are expecting totally different script from you.
    I like so much your dialogue.


  10. I really like this movie...Its a different love story.Goutham had showed the various shades in the actors both.I really like this movie.And when coming to the actress,In both telugu and tamil the two heroines r looking gorgeous.Its a nice movie and the lovers should watch it.

  11. I loved this movie cos I can feel the love . To be honest Simbhu and Trisha did very well, good chemistry between them. I appreciate all the characters in the movie they all did very well, and also well organised.

    Music was extraordinary by AR Rahman. I love all the songs and BGM was simply superb.

    Not all LOVE will end up in marriage , good work by Gautham .


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  13. realy super movie and same as my real life

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  17. Thanks for this wonderful blog. This movie is for all who believes in love . A sweet love story. The movie is well picturised and characters done their part very well.



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