Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Favorite Ice Creams Menu List

Everyone was really fond of ice creams,from childhood to old man due to his bitter taste.The texture is different from any other ice cream you have tasted and we personally inspect every batch to ensure the highest quality.Here i listed some of the ice creams mostly people fond of,
Beanie Vanilla
Creamy and rich. Made only with real Vanilla beans.
- Berries Kiwi Fuz™
A fuzion of Berries and real Kiwi bits. An ICC Signature Fuz sherbert. Low Fat.
- BlueBerries
Made with juicy, fresh and succulent blueberries.
- Chocolates & Hersheys
Premium dark cocoa drenched in Hersheys chocolate.
- Chippy Mint
Refreshing and lightly minted ice cream with chocolate swirls
- Creme BruleeCaramelized sweet vanilla ice cream.
- CuppucinnoFreshly brewed gourmet coffee... just frozen.
- Durian Decadence
Hate this fruit? Our ice cream will convert you, Really!
- Green Tea
Matcha? Whatever! Its pure Green Tea made perfect!
- Horlicks
A variation of Horlicks our mums never thought possible.
- Kaya Lotee
- Frozen premium pandan Kaya ice cream layered with bread crumbs.
- Lychees
Refreshing and low fat sherbet, excellent for our hot and sunny climate!
- Mango Peach Fuz™
A fuzion of Mango and Peach. An extremely refreshing sherbet. Low Fat.
- Milo Peng
'Tak Que... Kao... Peng" Uncle Tan's favorite!
- Mocha Madness
It's back by popular request. Mocha ice cream, almonds nuts and chocolate swirls. Yummy!
- Mrs. Smith
Chunky apple bits in granny smiths apple ice cream with a complimentary hint of cinnamon.
- Nutty Peanut Butter
So good you'll wanna spread this on your bread!
- Oreos & CreamOreos with ice cream or ice cream with Oreos? U decide!
- Passion Kiwi Fuz™
Tangy passion fruit sherbet with real kiwi bits. Another ICC signature Fuz series. Low Fat.
- Red Ruby
Coconutty ice cream filled with reddish crunchy water-chestnuts. A classic thai dessert, now available in ice cream!
- Rum The Raisins
Satisfy your alcohol cravings without the "Mabok" factor.
- Strawberries
Taste real strawberries bits with every bite!
- HoneyDew
Light, refreshing honeydew ice cream with juicy honeydew bits. Low Fat.- Watermelony
A variation to the HoneyDew ice cream we have but with watermelons. Low fat.

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