Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mynaa Movie Review

‘Mynaa’ takes character cues from ‘Paruthiveeran’ to make two of its lead characters, Vidhaarth as Suruli and Amala Paul as ‘Mynaa’. Since childhood, they have been together and, consequently, fall in love with each other. The theater applauds the moment when Suruli (Vidharth) pedals his bicycle, to illuminate the bicycle dynamo, to enable ‘Mynaa’ study for her exams. Soon, ‘Mynaa’s hysterical and melodramatic mother happens to see ‘Mynaa’, literally, in Suruli’s arms.

She plans to get her married and announces the same to Suruli who poleaxes here down, bashes and thrashes, eventually to be arrested by police and remanded to judicial custody. He gets used to Thambi Ramaiah, as Ramaiah and Sethu as Baskar manning the prison. Suruli flees, and the two cops engage in a hot and hilarious pursuit, interspersed with jocose levity.

Heroine Amala feels fresh as a debutant, sitting pretty on the character, than as Anaka or Amala Paul herself. Vidhaarth plays the native Theni persona, clad in lungi, unbuttoned shirts showing a dark strangled mat of chest hair, brutal in dealing with people who had anything to say about ‘Mynaa’. The actor is spontaneous. Surprisingly, D Imman is euphonious irreverently known for his raucous mixtures. He comes up trumps with his background score utilizing Scottish bagpiper, or a harmonica.

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