Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Air France Plane Crash

An Air France plane carrying 228 people from Brazil to France has vanished over the Atlantic after flying into turbulence.The lightning and turbulence that may have hit an Air France jet flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris are rarely the cause of plane crashes, analysts say.

Flight AF 447 left Rio at 1900 local time (2200 GMT) on Sunday. It had 216 passengers and 12 crew on board, including three pilots. The passengers included one infant, seven children, 82 women and 126 men.

Brazilian air force aircraft on Tuesday spotted debris that authorities said could be from the Air France flight carrying 228 people that disappeared over the South Atlantic a day earlier during a nasty lightning storm, wire services reported.

The shock is just unbearable to be honest. I think the more you think about it and the more you talk about it it's kind of hitting home for everybody, her family, friends. It's just non-stop contact about her and everybody is just absolutely demented, nobody knows what's happening and it's frightening to be honest, it really is frightening,” Aine confessed.

A gentleman Kamel Faroukh whose son-in-law was on board the flight said, “They told us that his name was on the list from the plane and the plane was disappeared, they do not know what happened to it and they are searching for it."

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