Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cornetto the best ice cream forever

Cornetto is a branded frozen ice cream cone .Even we all love to ice cream on a hot day bcoz it is made from Milk and Milk products, Sugar, Stabilizers & Emulsifiers.The product is available in a variety of flavours including Strawberry, Mint Chocolate and Nut, whilst previous flavours have included Rum. Now its flavours include Lemon, Whippy,Valentine's day flavours, and Cornetto soft

We’re continuously bringing new flavours to the Cornetto range and its crisp wafer cone. In 2004 the Cornetto brand launched a limited edition Love Potions range. In 2005 this was followed by Cornetto Mint and Cornetto Caramel in 2006.

We launched the fabulous Cornetto Choco Disc in 2007 – a cone filled with vanilla-flavour ice cream with a Dulce de Leche flavour centre, topped with a milk chocolate disc with cashew nuts. To build on the “disc” platform in 2008 we launched Fruiti Disc.

In 2007 the Cornetto Chocolate recipe got even better. It contains a delicious chocolate ice cream topped with caramelised almond and chocolate pieces in a crispy baked wafer.

And in 2009 we launched Cornetto Love ice creams. Cornetto Love Chocolate combines milk, dark and white chocolate ice creams in a chocolate wafer cone topped with triple chocolate curls. Cornetto Love Disc offers smooth vanilla ice cream with a rich caramel core, topped with a chocolate disc with cashew nut pieces.

• Cornetto ice cream is still the UK’s No.1 branded ice cream in a cone*

• We now do Cornetto in a mini format (Classic and Chocolate)

• Cornetto is available in six varieties, Strawberry, Classico, Mint, Love Chocolate, Love Disc and Cornetto Minis.

for additional information about cornetto - Ho jaane De- click here

Everyone in the world Atleast once a month to taste the cornetto the best ice cream cone ever


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