Monday, June 8, 2009


He looks upon her dazed,
And wonders who she is,
Her eyes deliver a message,
I‘m not happy who I‘m with.

He starts to think “I cannot wait,
I must go ask her for a date,”
But time has passed; it‘s been too long,
A memory from a past that’s gone,

Her beauty made him stumble,
It still haunts him to this day,
He wished he had it in him,
He wished there was a way,

But this is all the past,
Sometimes it seems like life’s too fast,
And pain is always here to stay,
He cannot change what happened that day,

Her eyes were cold and broken,
They showed a hint of green,
And when you looked into them,
A painful past of tears was seen,

But on the outside she could glow,
The pain she felt you’d never know,
Unless you paid attention;
Just then, and only then you’d see,
Her painful intervention.

But on the day he saw her,
She was headed to her place,
To that man that she was married to,
The one that brought pain to her face,

And as she passed him he started to think,
“I must go ask her for a drink,”
But it was too late, and she was gone,
Her car arrived, he waited too long,

And when she got home,
Her old man was there waiting,
Holding a gun,
and contemplating,

The gun was then shot,
With jealousy and hate,
To the floor she then fell,
Where she met her fate,

A beautiful woman,
Who was treated so bad,
Who had nothing to give but what she had,
A beautiful smile that would never depart,
And eyes of sadness that screamed out to your heart.

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