Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disney World

Disney World is a huge summer resort,

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is not just a theme park, but a huge resort complex covering 47 square miles. The resort contains four separate theme parks, three water parks and 99 holes of golf on several different courses. Miles of outdoor recreation are available including hiking, biking and swimming.

Apart from that it is a beautiful place ,where we can many goers visting the place atleast a month.I too enjoyed in disney world ,mostly waterfalls attracted me i spend more time on that place.My sister also enjoyed many place in those 4 theme parks.

Magic Kingdom, the first theme park built at the resort, has rides, shows and attractions divided among seven fantasy areas. This is the place to find all your favorite Disney characters and attractions.

The Water Parks are a great way to cool off,The four theme parks are the heart of Disney World, but there are many other attractions including three full-sized water parks.

It is the most tame and relaxing.

I request my us blogger friends to visit the place atleast once,it is a place to keep your mind cool and more friends we can gain over the disney world.

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  1. I remember years ago I took a client of mine (who has a developmental disability) to Disney World. We spent a week in Orlando, and visited Disney World EVERY day!! It was a great experience for me, but an even greater experience for my client who had never seen anything like it in his life!!



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