Friday, May 15, 2009

Love at first sight

Do I believe in love at first sight?
Forgive the laugh, but the question is so naive!
Youthful fancies hardly encompass the complexities
of mature relationships.
True, you are quite beautiful, but one cannot know
true inner beauty at first glance. It's much deeper
and takes time to be revealed.
Your skin is perhaps softer than the flowing foam of
some gently murmuring distant shore, but what of it?
That's not love.
I do notice that your hands are more graceful than a
ballet of swaying boughs and your laughter a dance
of dappled sunlight.
And in your eyes are glimmering pools of joy and tenderness,
warm swirls of innocence and passion, playfulness and
And in your eyes, Beauty laughs and plays and sings
and calls my name.
And Trust with Caution pleads and cooing Passion intervenes,
and Grace extends her open arms, and I surrender silently.
But love at first sight? How can it be?

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  1. You have a such a wonderful way with words!



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