Sunday, May 10, 2009


my love, where are you. I have been looking for you all my life. There is a picture of a face in my heart, I look for that face wherever I go. This life seems so hollow without you,there is no pleasure in anything.

I want to feel you besides me, I want to lay my head in your laps, feel your fingers in running through my hair, breath in your body's fragrance. I want to tell you about everything in my life, secrets I haven't told anybody else. I want to tell you about my dreams, my fears and my aspirations.

I want to live with you in my dreamland. Where there will be no problems, no pain and no distractions. It'll be a valley of flowers, of clear cool springs, a carpet of lush green grass spread over the ground. The smell of joy and freedom in the air warming our hearts. In the moonlit nights we'll walk on the beach, with our fingers entwined, your head on my shoulders.

The mere thought of your moonlit white face, with those sensual pink lips, those bottomless eyes, the slender nose, gives my heart a sweet pain, that eternal bliss which warms the heart of lovers."


  1. machi my pradeeba is always in my heart da, no one can steal her.



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