Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girl friend

pradeeba when i will see you,our college life is over. untill now i didn't tell my love to u, every lovers eager to express their love with their partners but i cant. If we are true lovers one day i will too join in the tcs and hold your hands.Its not a dream after 2 years it will also come to reality.

In every instance she attracted me with a beautiful smile and her boldness,face etc. 23.5.09 is the last day seeing you afterwards we go on to a different track. college life is like a bus everyone want to leave their bus their location comes. within 2 years i will too get a job and come to vellore to marry u.its not a joke.

for every good people their is a big problem in their life. But i will overcome the problem and one day i can see u .

This pink flower looks like u

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