Monday, November 9, 2009

A.R Rahman Musical Synergy

He continues to remain shy and live lives on his own terms.A.R Rahman,despite international and national accolades ,refuses to remain in the media glare.There is a reason as Rahman clarifies "I want my children to stay out of this .They would grow normally without the pressure of how well they should perform because their father is someone. They need to grow up and write their own destiny."

Rahman maintains that he would like to retain its privacy and let his work do all the talking because that is his identity ."my children can write their own future ,they are young and should focus on doing whatever they want to" Rahman who is known to be close to this mother, often gives her credit for that what he has turned to be." She is my spritiual head for us and my mother has sacrified a lot .I would say i would'nt who i am without her."

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