Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eat lot of Tomatoes to stay trim and healthy

Want to become a healthy,slim and fit.Lets take more tomatoes in your daily food to stay slim and have a healthy life.In the old case study have shown tomatoes are rich in vitamin C,can help heart attack.If you consider eating tomatoes a delicious way to prevent cancer, a recent study may have been a shock. A recent study found lycopene, a compound in tomatoes, does not reduce risk of prostate cancer.

In research focusing on lycopene and tomato consumption in humans, studies have repeatedly found an association between greater consumption and lower prostate cancer risk. In an analysis of 21 studies, men who ate the greatest amounts of raw tomatoes showed an 11 percent decrease in risk for prostate cancer. Those who ate the most cooked tomatoes showed a 19 percent reduction in prostate cancer risk. (Our bodies absorb lycopene more readily from cooked tomatoes.) Several smaller studies also show that eating tomatoes slows development of existing prostate cancer.

Red Power makes you stay slim because of the Vitamin C contain in it.A lower value of ghrelin make people feel full.However it is not known which part of the tomato dulls the appetite,but it may be lycopene,the pigment that gives the tomatoes their red colour.

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