Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fresh and Delicious Popcorn

Popcorn is a type of corn is naturally high in fiber.Though i used to took the popcorn for a long trip.This can make it an attractive snack to people with dietary restrictions on the intake of calories, fat, and or sodium.In cinema theatres,shopping malls and restaurants popcorn is the main snacks every preffered to buy.Different kinds of flavor are available white,yellow and orange.Filim goers were mostly preffered for popcorns,ice creams and cool drinks.

Scientists have found that snack foods like popcorn and many popular breakfast cereals contain ''surprisingly large'' amounts of healthful antioxidant substances called ''polyphenols.''In other findings, he said that whole grain flours are very high in antioxidants; whole grain snacks have slightly lower levels of antioxidants than cereals; of snacks, popcorn has the highest level of antioxidants; and there is a wide variation in the amount of antioxidants in each class of cold cereal.

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