Friday, December 25, 2009

Bipashu Basu Live dance performance for this new year

Bipasha basu is one of the indian filim actress in bollywood ,she was so glittering nowadays because of her cute look.Bipasha basu going to dance on the coming new year in the delhi star hotels,his salary package for 15min dance is 2cr everyone is delighted after seeing her salary.Bollywood dream girl dance show on 31st midnight,her fans said it is one of the great deal of acclaim.It is one of her dazzling live performance.In delhi suburban areas dance is going to be showcased in 5 stars hotels.

Bipasha basu said "star hotels owners said going to give a huge amount this time but i wont tell how much is it".Two years back i showcased a dance show but this is a huge salary when compared to my old dance shows,in two years my salary is raised due to my popularity.My lover john abraham and my family is going to come to watch my dance show.

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