Monday, December 7, 2009

Mobile Cell Phone Additional Features

Mobile cell Phones reached today every one hands,its one of the important communication medium to transfer our messages with low call rates.Nowadays youngster are looking to buy costly cell phones with additional features.Cell phones are looking forward with many additional features to use it.Recently many mobile phone user turned to iphones,it had many additional extra features.Iphone came with a one different application is known as twitter,now iphone users are using twitter on their phones.

Twinkle has more additional features that makes to intrested to all of them,another couple of features twinkle had is locate me and ability to add images to your tweets.Twinkle is the one of the best feature for iphone users.Twinkle lets you use the iPhone's location feature to add location data to your tweets.And another good features known as ability to add images on your tweets right at the posting the screen.Once you are took your photograph in the camera you will be had a option to update the image in tweets.The images can be visible as thumbmails and they can see the image yours as twinkle client.

Iphone has introduced number of cool features to be very flexible as we feel like in the system.3G and 4G had hundreds of new features coming to year by year.Though this technology trend had attained his high acme and helpful to the coming generation.

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