Thursday, December 31, 2009

Business Web Directory

A given website is evaluated based on its traffic, back-links and popularity. The outcome of this evaluation would be the page rank. Google is assigning page rank based upon fore said parameters. The page rank is given on a scale of 0-10, where 10 being the highest rank. There is also another rank which is given to a website is n/a. This implies not-applicable, Google call it the grey bar. The grey bar means that Google bot has concluded, the given website has no relevance to other websites. 

Traffic to a given website is total number of visitors to hit the given page. Traffic is again diversified as unique visits and multiple visits (from the same ip). The unique visit contributes to the Traffic rank which is given by Alexa. The popularity of the website is in proportion with the unique visits per day or in a given hour.Business web directory is one of the best option to develop our business solutions.

The most important factor which decides the page rank is the back links to a website. Back link is often confused with internal links. Back link are Web Pages which are pointing to your website, whereas internal links are link which are pointing from the same web page or a web page under the website. The Increase in no of back links will definitely lead to page rank hike. To make a website popular the website address should be submitted to the web directories. Web directory are online directories, just like our yellow pages. It is not a search engine, it is a online resource where the website are grouped under categories and subcategories, we are free to search for website of our requirement.  The search engines search these directories to produce the result for queries.  To increase your page rank all you have to do is write some good content. Submit it to directories and do some promotion. You website site will be popular in no time.

The most popular categories in our database are DMOZ and Wikipedia.They are unique and comprehensive so your site will be listed on a relevant page amongst other high quality sites.

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