Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Windows 7 The New Face Of Microsoft

I waited for it for a long time and here it is the new face for Microsoft, Windows 7. There is a lot to talk about windows 7, the new easy to use features, the improved kernel and a lot more. Many feel that Windows 7 is not appealing as Vista. The reason for this seems to be the wide task bar, which can be later made narrow by reducing the icon size. There is one Noticeable change in the desktop which is the show the desktop icon. It is now shifted from quick-launch bar to the right most end of the taskbar. There is a new hover feature i.e., when you move your pointer over the patch all the windows just turn transparent. The wallpapers are appealing and they are grouped in themes now. For Geeks, Windows 7 Works on a DX 9.0.c graphic card unlike vista which requires a DX10, still a capable GPU is required to enjoy the aero environment.

The performance improvement includes the change the kernel for windows 7. The antivirus groups report, Windows 7 is less vulnerable to virus attacks. A new live search feature is available, it is similar to binary search in i-Tunes or windows media player make it easier to search files across the computer. The control panel layout has been modified for user friendliness. Windows 7, under no load, utilizes about 500MB of physical memory,which is a pretty low for a high performance operating system. There are new added features, sniping tool, the task scheduler now is more sophisticated than ever, it now has all the features like run as administrator, retry if a task fails. The compatibility mode is the most notable feature. A few old games and software which are not compatible with Window 7 can be run under compatibility mode, not to mention the XP mode which is the life saver. XP mode allows user to run programs under native XP environment. Final note Windows 7 is now the fast booting OS ever released by Microsoft. The boot time is under 30 seconds, shut down under 15. Windows 7 has turned out to be a one of the good products from the Microsoft, it is more appealing than Vista yet fast like XP. Window 7 worth and upgrade.

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