Saturday, October 31, 2009

Infosys Narayanamurthy success story

Today we are going to see a one of the famous sucessor in the life as well as in the IT field ,You all be aware of Infosys narayanamurthy who has the backbone for Infosys to attain its peak level in the IT industry.

Narayanamurthy was born in 1946 and hails from kolar ,karnataka .His educational values and his extra curricular activities are encouranged by his father and his teacher.In the childhood he was a studious boy and a brillaint engineer from the IIT .narayanamurthy worked in a IT company up to the age of 35 years.He and his colleagues started a infosys in his apartmentand he invested a minimum amount of capital 10000 which was borrowed from his wife.Today Infosys is the one of the leading It company in india and his colleagues made a thousand of crore values.His vision is to make india the country of choice for customised software and development and maintenance.He has buit a Infosys as a strong ethical values.

Narayanamurthy was a member in National Information Technology Task force of india.Narayanamurthy belives that everybody should work hard for their share of sucess.


  1. I was realy Impresed by only this 13 line short story .i am also the worshipper of "Hard Work god".now a days i was losting my hopes regarding "Hard Work god".but after reading this story now i come to belive that 'thousands can bring millions' by grace of"Hard Work god".



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