Monday, October 19, 2009

Tulsi....The time tested remedy for several ailments

Many families in india maintain a tulsi planted in a specially built structurewhich has images of deities installed on all four sides ,and an aclove for a small earthen oil lamp.Some of the larger households even have up to a dozen tulsi plants on the verandah or in the garden.

Tulsi is og great medicinal significiance ,and his prime herb in Ayurvedic treatment .Maqrket by its strong aroma and a stringent taste ,tulsi promoptes longetivity .The plant extracts cab be used to prevent and cure many illness and common ailments like common cold,headaches,stomach disorders,inflammation,heart disease and various forms of poisoning and malaria .Essential oil extracted from karpura tulasi is mostly used for medicinal purpose though of late is used in the manufacture of herbal toiletrics.

The tulsi plant is even known to purify or de-pollute the atmosphere and also works as repellent to musquitoes ,flies and other harmful insects.Tulsi used to bea universal remedy in case of malarial fever.

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