Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seafoods taste.........

Nowadays people mostly prefer seafoods instead of mutten,chicken.seafoods contains limited amount of fat and it contains oil keeps your face fresh.heart patient use to take sea foods to stay healthy for a long period.In seafoods many delicious recipe came over they are prawn,fish,crab,shell,star fish.

Seafoods are demand nowadays instead of many of them taking seafoods.mostly i too prefer seafoods especially prawn,lobster,vanjaram fish and crab,its so delicious and the smell makes every one to taste it...

one day i and my friend went to 3star hotel,though my friend was a pure vegetarian and he dont know its a non veg hotel .I ordered a prawn with kuska and he too ordered a kuska ,looking somewhere else i suddenly changed the kuska plate(i mixed the prawn with kuska),after he taken the delicious kuska

He replied machi "in the kuska channa is too tasty da" i replied its prawn .okay leave it machi ,anyways its too good.

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