Friday, October 30, 2009

My Girl Friend Birthday

In the year everyone supposed to forget so many good days ,But no one use to forget her girl friend birthday.Many can buy greetings,flowerwash,roses etc.........and some of them go for parks,beaches,theatres to make her girl friend so happy at the glittering day.

In the above mentioned all came from my dreams and not yet gone to outside with my girlfriend and didnt speak yet ,

My birthday and my girl friend birthday there will be a little coincidence

Rajesh : 24.03.88
Pradeeba : 26.03.88

I think we are made for each other.

About my GF:
cute and very bold person
helping tendency
she likes pink colour
Roll model : abdul kalam
Hated person, Its me.

This what I can observe from the 4 years of my college.I will pray for the god please extend my college days to see her, but i unfortunately i missed her at the end of my college life. Now she is doing M.E in vit (Vellore institute of technology),I had a belief one day i will met her.I was still waiting for that day.........

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