Saturday, October 10, 2009

Effective Stress Reduction Techniques

We've all had times when work pressures peak and finding those restful moments is tough.Work place stress and associated problems are becoming increasingly prevalent,especially among the upwardly mobile population.Each year,an astonishing number of working days are lost due to stress related healthy issues.

Physical Symptoms of stress become evident when individuals face chronic stress and suffer from an over stimulated autonomic nervous system.

The first symptoms can be relatively mild ,like chronic headaches and increased susceptiblity to colds.However stress level increase ,symptoms are likely to be amplified.

Stress-induced conditions may include depression ,diabetes ,hair loss,heart disease,obesity,obsessive-compulsive or anxiety disorders ,sexual dysfunction,ulcers.

The effective stress reduction techniques

1.stress-neutralisation(meditation,yoga amd deep breathing excercise)


2.Quit or limit smoking

3. Healthy eating

4. Quality sleep.

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