Thursday, October 22, 2009

SMS Caster E-Marketer V3.6-Bulk sms text mesaging software

Sms Caster is very flexible tool to use and we can send bulk sms.It allows you to send marketing & advertising SMS and receive response SMS from the computer.Both version 3.6 of GSM and CDMA are released today. It has a new and enhanced Scheduler. All our customers with valid license key are welcome to upgrade for free!Importing contacts from a text CSV file is faster now. It takes just a few seconds to import 100k contacts! You can optioinally remove duplicates phone number also.

For the Enterprise Edition, you can optionally enable separate queues for the outbox.We can send thousand of sms easily from the computer,Receive incoming SMS into the computer (2-way SMS),No registration, no credit prepay, no SMS gateway required,Support Long SMS, Flash SMS, SMS Mail Merge,Use your existing Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Motorola mobile phone!

We can send sms in diffent languages and it supports Support GSM 7-bit and UCS2 Unicode encoding with Auto Encoding Selection. Compose your SMS in many different languages: German, French, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc.

If you want to download sms caster software -click here

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