Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jennifer Lopez Top 5 Hit songs

I'm not your typical very tall and thin, size 8 actress. And I'm very proud of it! I am very comfortable in my own skin. When you're insecure about your body and trying to pull yourself and your clothes a certain way, it doesn't look sexy at all!

Well, if you watch the films I've been in, you can see what my figure's like. It's not like you can hide it. But when I get in with the wardrobe designer, they're thinking, "Let's see, she's looking a little hippy, she's got a big butt, what should we do?" They're always trying to minimize-- put it that way-- and it's because we see all those actresses who are so thin and white. Latinas have a certain body type. Even the thin ones, we are curvy. I've always had trouble with wardrobe people!

Top 5 songs list of jennifer lopez:


2.Hooked On You

3.What Is Love

4.One Love


6.starting over

7.Love and War

8.Songs for the twins

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