Sunday, September 27, 2009

So what's the right diet?

An intelligent metal plan will avoid certain types of food and include some in plenty so that the maximum benefit may be derived from our diet.

Foods to be avoided:

Sweets:Choclates,preserved foods,jam,jaggery,honey.

Bakery products:cakes,puffs,pastries cookies etc.

Milk and dairy products: Butter,Cheese and ice cream.

Cool drinks:Coke PEpsi Choclate drinks,Milk shakes

Nuts:peanuts,cashew nuts,almonds,pistachios,coconut.

dry fruits: raisin,dates,root vegetables

fried foods

fruits:banans,chickoo,hydrogenated oils like coconut oils,palm oil etc

meat such as red meat

Foods to include

Cereals:rice,ragi,wheat,corn,barley,jowar etc.

pulses:blackgram,green,gram,bengal gram,masoor dhal etc.

Vegetables:beans,white pumpkin,egg plant,green pepper,okra,ground varieties,radish,mint,coriander,curry leaves,banana flower,raw papaya and green leafy vegetables.

Fruits in moderation.

Meat in moderation

Try to drink butter milk instead of curds .You may also include soups ,kanji,lime juice without sugar etc.

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