Friday, September 11, 2009

Vandalur Zoo is the largest zoo in south east asia

Welcome to Vandalur Zoo.This is the one of the biggest zoological park in south east asia.This is a 15 year old zoo located at Vandalur, about 25 km from Chennai. It covers about 510 hectares of land .

It has lot of exotic species of animals. Some among them are monitor lizards, chimpanzees, European brown bears, muscovy ducks, giraffes and the vast varieties of India's endangered animals.

There are also attractions like the prehistoric house, where the lifelike statues of dinosaurs are kept, and nocturnal animal house. There are interesting safaris like the lion safari, deer safari and bear safari.

Vandalur zoo is a modern one with facilities like a veterinary hospital, where the animals are kept in quarantine and released into their enclosures.

Some of the endangered species the zoo has are : the tiger, lemurs, the macaques, vultures, and some reptiles like the starred tortoises.

You can read about my encounters with these lovely creatures here. Please visit the zoo and help save these beautiful, endangered creatures of our planet from extinction in the wild.

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