Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adani Power Ltd Fuelling Dreams

Indians once again they proved their intelligence and talent has been applauded worldwide."Power is the one source we can improve our development".Without power ,
neither education nor development is possible . Adani clearly understanded the situation.It is this appreciation that has inspired us to set up power projects with capacity of 9900 Megawatt.

Once we want to achieve this, inspiration is not enough .It needs to be coupled with capacity will determination and commitment to do it.Adani groups has coal mines in india and indonesia ,it operates a port,a railway line and have ordered cargo ships for coal logistics.all this,so that there ar no barriers to our dream of lighting our lives

9900 Megawatt* power projects

Dreams come alive with Adani
Adani groups has enlightend all family's of india and they are going to achieve the 9900 megawatts power project .Everyone will hope they will achieve the mock victory.

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