Wednesday, July 29, 2009


There was a time when wearing a watch had just one purpose -show the time of course.The wrist watches ceased to be just a time showing instrument .It became a fashion statement ,a jewellery of sorts to be shown off on the wrist ."Today fashion conscious youth wears a watch ,rather wears watches during the course of the day .In the morning he would wear one sporty enough to jog with .He would change over to formal one for office.By evening for an informal buissness meeting he would change over to another and later ,for dinner and bit of dancing at the night club ,the flashy, jewel encrusted one would surface".Yes ,this is quite the order of the day .showrooms like rolex and breitling sell highly priced hamilton watches to the pilots .Today customers are more given importance to porr & sons ,Rolex,brietling watches . In middle class is a dream for those watches."Due to global and travelling indians,awarness of high profile and nice branda have greatly increased .

A Watch is a style statement a fashin aaccesory and a means of telling the time and date ,temperature and phases of the moon amongst other things .It translates your attitude to your wrist and helps you tell the world that time is under your,keep ticking!

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  1. Nice post. Watches is no longer just an instrument. It's also become a piece of jewelry.

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