Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kings Island no:1 amusment park in usa

Kings island is the one of the best amusment park in usa,The ride begins with an ascent up the 78-foot chain lift. At the top, the track dips slightly and turns roughly 180 degrees to the right. The train then rolls down the initial drop into a valley, banking to the right at the bottom and climbing up into the banked horseshoe element. The cars swing up and around, then exit the horseshoe parallel to their entrance. Dropping back into the valley, the train makes a banked turn to the right, and flies by the exit path while making a slight turn to the left.

Flight Deck simulates a jet fighter with its high speeds and cars that swing from side to side, narrowly missing elements near the track. The coaster is somewhat unique among the Arrow-designed suspended coasters in that it features only a single lift hill to carry it through its course rather than the pair of lift hills found on most rides of similar design

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