Thursday, July 23, 2009


The methodology of his treatment of four principal areas -namely, agriculture, crafts, military technology, land transport and navigation ; and medieval Indian technology and its social and cultural environment-remains consistently the same with the large number of drawings- several of them from actual mughal paintings- and docuement extracts to illustrate the use from early days to the middle of the 18th century .The lifting of water from the irrigational purposes sees the transformation from the use of pulley-rope to the use of persian wheel since the days of babur in early 16th century .In this device pindrum gearing was used in horizontal bars by rope moving in a circle and in the process lifting the water is the quick succession .Although India has given cotton to early world civilisation.

Iron was use in india since early times .Yet ,during the mediveal period -perhaps for want of good blast furnace -the indian artisians could not produce the screw the coiled springs ,the iron ,anchor etc.While gun making was a cottage industry .In ship building Iron nails were in use of 16th century but the indian ship wrights preffered to have wodden planks sewn with coconut ropes that lasted longer than nails ,caulk and pitch used by the europeans .Silver mirror and spectacles were not manufactured in india except perhaps from late 18th century. The Indians used polished metal mirror .India absorbed changes in technology between 13th century and 15th century ,after which the rhythm ceased to work thereafter .

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