Monday, July 27, 2009

Beatrix Potter 123rd birth anniversary

Beatrix potter 123rd birth anniversary falls today .Not only she able to create lovable charecters like Squirrel Nutkin and Tom Kitten,She was also an illustrator.The last talent was borne of her observations of her various pets that included frogs,newts,ferrets and rabbits.Beatrix was a rather lonely child -no playmates of her age ,educated by a series of governesses with parents who didn't encourage her intellectual pursuits -Who dealt with solitude by drawing and paintings.Her subjects were her pets and she sketched and resketched ,honing the skill that served well her so later .She also did another thing that many youngsters often dream of:from the age of 15 ,Beatrix developed a secret code to record her observations in her diary ,the code was broken only after her death.

Every summer the family would go to scotland but later her father rupert bought a house in the lake district ,Which then became her summer abode.Beatrix also fell in love with her publisher Norman Warne ,Despite stiff Opposition From her parents Beatrix and norman got engaged .But sadly dies of leukaemia,Beatrix continued to write and illustrate 20 more books all on a similar format .She also bought a farm in Sawrey,one of the lake district villages,Which played a big part in their illustrations .Beatrix married her lawyer William Heelis in 1913 When she was 47 years old.Beatrix dided in 1943 and bequeathed all her property to the National Trust to help preserve the beauty of The Lake District.

His most popular tale is listed below:
  1. The Tale of peter rabbit(1902)
  2. The Tale of sqirrel nutkin(1903)
  3. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny(1904)
  4. The Story of Miss Moppet(1906)
  5. The Tale of Tom Kitten(1907)
  6. The Tale of Jemina Puddle -Duck(1908)
  7. The Tale of Ginger and Pickles(1909)
  8. The Tale of Pigling Bland(1913)
  9. The fairy Caravan(1929)


  1. Dear Rajesh,
    i very much appreciate the page about Beatrix Potter, which i have just come across. What you say about her shows great sensitivity and value for her, and the quote about love is quite wonderful. Thank you for sharing something good and inspiring with the world. sincerely, patricia.

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