Friday, July 31, 2009

Pop Star Madonna Biggest Hits

Madonna carried many roles in her life ,they are Singer, songwriter, dancer,record producer, film producer, film director, fashion designer, author, actress, entrepreneur.Selling more than 200 million albums in a career that has spanned more than two decades, "Madge" has stayed on top by constantly reinventing herself. Though many disagree with some of her artistic choices, the numbers don't lie: Billboard magazine reports that Madonna's 2006 Confessions tour was the most successful concert tour by a female artist in history.Madonna is one of the successful recording artist over all time.As a throwaway, midsummer dance pop number, it works. It's definitely a cut that nods to Madonna's '80s disco roots, and would fit comfortably on a hits collection packed between "Vogue" and "Ray of Light." A speak-sing bridge gives the song a little bit of an edge, and allows Madonna to flex some personality -- goofing that she doesn't recognize her dance partner without clothes on.

Biggest Hits of Madoona are listed below:

1. "Holiday" (1983)

2. "Borderline" (1984)

3. "Like a Virgin" (1984)

4. "Material Girl" (1985)

5. "Crazy for You" (1985)

6. "Into the Groove" (1985)

7. "Live to Tell" (1986)

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