Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cycling Makes your body fit

Cycling is the another form of transportputs you in complete touch with your body ."The co-or-dination and balance harmonise the body ,as do the rhythm and regularity of the moments .What would make life easier for the cyclist ? i know several people Who really love to start cycling because they know its better in almost every way it saves fuel keep you healthy and doesnt pollute. And it would help if people attitudes change a little .The bicycle rather than being just another mode of transportation is about entire culture of conveyance and movement .But it day seems numbered replaced by the silver and chrome of machines built for speed and glamour designed to impress and thrill .

But maybe somewhere at least in the alleys ,the ring of a cycle bell will continue to be heard .Cycling can dehydrate you quickly ,Carry a bottle of water with you .

some more tips to carry safe riding:
  • The thumb rule for secure seating is to adjust the seat according to your leg length and to keep the handle bars about 5 centimeteres lower than the height of your seat
  • Unless you're an experienced an cyclist ,dont use the aerodynamic handle bars shaped like upside down "v" .These increse the risk of injury.

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